Force and Destiny near the Still Waters

Deadly Visions

The adventurers found themselves in the city of Riar, Toydaria when an old Klatoonian friend, Oberon, showed back up after getting a call from Damon to help the team out as well as help him gain a better grasp of this truly bizarre group he has found himself amongst. After hearing the blast of a pair of thermal detonators from nearby, Oberon was able to quickly pinpoint the group and rejoin them after a long absence.

Right after regrouping, Boone gets a call from an unknown number which he quickly discovers is Irrica the Hutt. After hearing her demands and feeling a little bit confused and out of place, he and the group decide to run back to their ship to grab the shards just in case. Upon arriving to Bog Bay (where they landed their ship to begin with), they are met by the Gorensla Hutt Cartel and a small contingent of their forces awaiting their arrival and safe delivery of their prize, Yeel Dresk. Just as Boone is about to try and reason with Irrica to allow him into his ship, Damon grabs his shoulder and says, “I got this…” Damon quickly realizes that Negotiating with a Hutt is never an easy task, even for a silver forked individual such as himself. They get a strong “NO” and decide to leave.

On their way back, the Force God’s realize what mistake they have made as they thought that the shards were with the Force Sensitive Adventurers all along; so in a moment of panic, they altered time and space and POOF—-the Shards and the napsack are suddenly in the adventurer’s possession safe and sound.

Many and worthy are the deeds and feats taken by the chosen few in this adventure; in fact, there are simply too many to name! The truly memorable moments involved Charming of the truly reprehensible if only to recognize inner beauty! Alas, even then, the beauty inside was not great enough to bring two kindred souls together such as the Toydarian female Bartender and her new found love, Damon… Such is life… The avoidance of truly unfortunate experiences abound; but not for the poor imperial souls who wandered upon a band of experts whilst saving a poor fool who wasted his credits on a craptastic ship. Many of them lost their lives fighting for what they believed in! They fought valiantly, but proved weak in the face of GODMODE PUNCHES from the truly steadfast Pacifistic Executioner and the resolute and obstinate Hillbilly Bumpkin, not to mention the angry horned fiend who had been stuck in a crystal for what felt like an eternity determined to take someone’s head! Even if it was someone whom feared for his life—His eternity! We need not forget the perfectly placed one shots right between two different stormtrooper’s eyes (one immediately after the other) by a drunkard! Last but not least, we shall never forget the use of the force to crush one of the flying opponents with the shards crushing into his jetpack and ultimately causing an explosion mid-air. —The imperial contingent truly never stood a chance…

Fast forward several hours, and the group finds themselves attempting to get back to their ship amidst a seemingly random and unexpected turn of events when more imperials burst through some cargo doors into the hangar of Bog Bay causing confusion and panic among most in the crossfire. Luckily, they managed to handle it well—like a team! Just as the force sensitive opponent came for the shard, Tubal Kain managed to punch her in the face and send her flying across the room. Without skipping a beat (and use of the force), she jumped up and ran away bounding via the force towards her escape ship just as Tubal tried to pursue her. In a moment of frustration, he calls the group on the comms and says, “go on without me”, hangs up, and disappears into the city. The group takes his advice, and blasts into the sky; and with little resistance, managed to make a jump into hyperspace headed straight for Tatooine.

Inquiring Minds

From Kirdo III to Toydaria, this group had an exceptionally busy and equally bizarre experience from gaining a new member to finding rare artifacts with possible force connections. This all takes place right after finally having finished Dae Cwar off and thus being able to officially move forward. Unfortunately, several members of the crew are evidently trapped within one of the now two artifacts they hold in their possession thus spurring them on to find out the secrets that lie within as well as keep it hidden from those that have recently put them on their hit list.

New local groups encountered include the following:
-Wrecker’s Crew (The Toydarian Merc who peed on your speeder bikes)
-Gorensla Kajidic the Hutt (seeking to retrieve “Walisi”)
-Preelos Consortium (Final Mansion location with actual tenants inside Stasis Pods in the “Vault”)
-Currently Unidentified Force user and her crew…

The adventure has left off with them having just left the scene of a couple of thermal detonator explosions leaving the better part of an entire block in flames and local authorities bee-lining it for the scene of the crime….

The Gentleman: Amongst the Wreckage
A Side Job featuring Titus, Boone, and Jethro

Following the successful removal of a rival gangster by Jethro, local club owner Roger contacts his new friend again, this time for a slightly larger, more mysterious job. Jethro, in the meantime, has made some new friends. After he completed the last job, he was approached by the half-inebriated Titus, who in-turn introduced Jethro to the always lively Boone. Boone, in typical fashion, was busy drinking and sleeping around in the Ryloth capital of Lessu, when Jethro convinced him to go back to Roger’s bar, known as The Gentleman, and see about the potential to get some more work.

Once inside the bar, Boone did what he does best, until Roger invited the pair into his office, and offered them a job. The job was simple(-ish): go to a location outside the city and scout it out. Roger claimed to have little information about what actually happens at the location, but he knew a rival gang (owned and operated by an individual only known as The Boss) used it for something. He offered the pair 5000 credits each for doing some fairly straight-forward reconnaissance. Boone, the slick silver-tongued outlaw that he is, countered that neither of them got out of bed for less than 10,000. Roger, a reasonable business man, countered that with 8000 each, which Boone accepted on behalf of both of them.

The pair then set out into the desert, following the coordinates given to them by Roger. The pair walked along, with Jethro entertaining himself by popping shots at the random rodents that scampered across the dry land in front of them. As they went, they came across a downed x-wing, which Jethro was keen to get away from, while Boone was determined to search the wreckage. While searching the ship, Boone found a blaster pistol and a journal, which appears to have been the diary of the pilot. Boone scanned the contents then stowed the journal inside his jacket. Farther on, they came across a trio of encamped ruffians.

Based on a first impression, Boone daned that they were not friendly people, and their having a female Twi’lek in a cage did not help this impression. And being that they seemed to be bad people, Boone engaged them. A small gun fight ensued between the three men, Boone and Jethro. Boone and Jethro mopped up quickly, and then searched the camp. It was here that they unlocked the Twi’lek girl, who turned out to be a former “companion” (Inoch) of Boone’s. Boone, in his typical fashion, had almost no memory of her. She didn’t seem to care, and she insisted that she be allowed to tag along. Neither of the human men had a problem with this, especially once she showed them to the speeder that the men had been using. However, wanting to take the crates that the dead men had been transporting as well, Boone placed a call to Titus to bring The Guilty Son to their location, and they loaded the crates into smuggling compartments onboard.

They then took the speeders to the location given to them by Roger. Once there, they gained access to the underground facility, that turned out to be a smuggling port. Most of the crates were biometrically sealed, and too large for any of the men to move without use of the Force, which Boone still refuses to acknowledge as a thing and Jethro has almost no knowledge of. Boone confronted the dock foreman, and after taking a show to the chest that left him winded, they killed the man. They then placed a call to Titus to bring the ship to just outside the dock, and then told Titus how to gain entry to the facility, which proved to be a good move, as a few moments later, a Wookie entered the dock, and began firing at Boone. Boone killed the Wookie, but only after Titus saved him by manipulating the Force to protect the young gunslinger. As Boone searched the body of the Wookie, he took the creatures bowcaster and the two grenades he found on the body.

As Boone was standing to leave, while Jethro was wandering toward the door after failing to find anything of value to take with him, a group of gang members could be heard nearing the open door to the dock. Boone, in a hurry, whipped a stun grenade through the open door, and turned to run out the far end of the bay. The men entered the docking bay, and fired on Boone, with one shot whizzing just past his right ear. The bolt passed and Boone, stumbling a little, turned and whipped the live fragmentation grenade in the general direction of them men, and in the same motion, turned and sprinted for the door. He took a bolt squarely in the back , but he made it successfully, with Titus already onboard and preparing to fly back to Lessu, and Jethro waiting in the event they needed to continue the fight. Inoch was waiting on board as well, but seemed to understand that the situation was a little tense, so she just hid in Boone’s quarters.

Once back in Lessu, Jethro and and Boone reported everything they had seen and learned of the location to Roger, who paid the men in full. Boone, a drink in hand once again, used his ability as a smooth talker to strike some side deals with Roger, that netted the pair an additional 5000 credits each. They then went back to The Guilty Son, where Boone backed his way into convincing Inoch to tell him her name so that he wouldn’t look like such a douchebag, though he definitely is. She consented to stay on board as the trio of Jethro, Titus, and Boone began making their way to an undisclosed location, in search of further business deals to be made. Boone and Inoch retreated to his quarters again, while Jethro approached Titus about his abilities with the Force, which he had seen on display at the smuggling dock.

The Space Between
Quin's Last Ride

While hanging with his new entourage, Titus runs into an old friend Fit. Fit has double booked his team and was excited to see Titus in hopes that his new squad could take on a job for him.

They were given a simple Snatch and Grab that was worth more reward than they could turn down. Their new employer, Biff, seemed to mean business.

The group went to a temple where the target was said to frequent for prayers every afternoon. Quin got himself shot in the leg when he tipped off the target’s detail that he meant them harm with a picture of the target on his data pad. Titus attacked the two guards, Tails and Harry, with the force but inadvertently injured the target in the process. This caused complications with her pregnancy. Boon began executing the two guards once they were neutralized. Quin raged on Boon when he began executing guards. Boon was able to see that Quin didn’t have control of his feelings in that moment and it wasn’t personal. They were able to grow in their understanding of each other and adapt. The team was able to secure the target but needed medical help immediately as she and her baby were dying. Quin and Boon took the target in search of medical help while Titus tried to keep up appearances and not cause any attention to their team by returning the speeder he rented.

While Titus was on his own he was approached by a Bagman looking to pay them off to retrieve the target without a fight and requiring the team to double-cross their employer for this mission. Titus attempted to double cross the Bagman and force push him off of the speeder as they were traveling to rejoin the team and discuss the trade or buyout. The Bagman was able to survive being thrown form the speeding speeder, but Titus’ oversight caused him harm. The speeder had no driver and it crashed into an embankment off the side of the road. As Titus stirred he looked up to see the Bagman before being knocked unconscious.

Quin and Boon proceeded on toward the drop point where their employer, Biff, promised a medical team on site. They approached a bridge that was the recent site of a turf war battle. Boon tried to drive the armored truck they confiscated from Tails and Harry. He ended up coming under fire and wrecking the truck. They found themselves trapped on the bridge by snow troopers left to secure the bridge after the previous battle. Boon and Quin were able to eliminate a couple troopers but with the heavy fog set in causing visibility issues they were stuck.

The Bagman brought Titus to the entrance to the bridge and had him radio his team. He offered to dispose of the rest of the troopers in exchange for the target. He even offered a bag full of credits, 50,000. During their hesitation to accept or decline the offer a live thermal detonator landed next to Boon, Quin, and the target.

Quin, with a conviction to preserve innocent life, couldn’t live with the idea that this target (and her baby) that he acquired would be blown up because of his actions. He boldly and selflessly jumped on top of the detonator. Boon grabbed the target and tried to jump away. The blast was somewhat absorbed by Quin’s body as he was killed, but the blast forced Boon and the target over the side of the bridge. Boone was able to land on the catwalk but he had to reach out and catch the target by the arm before she fell to her death. He pulled her back up and accepted the offer from the Bagman. Titus and Boon made off with the bag full of credits and the Bagman secured the girl. Boon and Titus left as quick as they could and found the bag was filled with credits, but not in the denominations needed to equal 50k. They found they had only 500 credits.

Deeds and Misdeeds
Hunters Beware

Lavidean Dane, Titus Octavius, Tyrobet Baratheon, and Quin Graff took a job that carried them to an undisclosed planet. Z-Rov and his servant P5NO were gracious hosts in Z-Rov’s giant manor. The guys were treated to booze, and banquets. They gambled and had friendly companionship.

During their gambling, Gerus was able to insert two of his thugs into the game to attempt to take Boone out of the equation for good. They were handled and escorted out.

The guys were to hired to help a lonely ewok, that had stumbled upon Z-Rov’s property, find his home. Z-Rov said he was worried that the ewok’s village might think Z-Rov had taken him and become violent.

The guys woke up the next morning, expecting to get ready to start their journey escorting the ewok to his home, to find that they had been abandoned and their gear was gone. They began their journey with Raanee, the ewok, as they began their attempt to find his home.

Upon the way they discovered three more displaced ewoks. They were attacked by beasts and two ewoks died. They were then attacked by two hunters.

Upon killing the second hunter (throwing him and his bucket of live grenades over a rail) they accidentally blew up an ambush of Hrosma Tigers. The guys survived the explosion and collected the pelts from the tigers.

They realized that there was no ewok village and the ewoks were nothing more than a distraction planned by Z-Rov to have some “big-game” targets to hunt for his clients.

They doubled back to his home, killed one more hunter and stole his JumpMaster ship, escaping the planet.



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