Cad Breen

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A gun for hire who’s fast with his words and even faster with his blaster, Cad Breen is a force sensitive who is struggling to learn how to use his seemingly inborn ability to enhance his reflexes through an unknown force. He befriended a Nautolan that he picked up from the planet Glee Anslem who has agreed to help him harness his abilities.


Cad Breen grew up in a modest household on the planet Corellia. Through a childhood of bullying and a drunken father hopping from cantina to cantina, Cad became a hard hearted teen. After being holo-called one night to go pick up his drunk father, he arrived to the bar fight that was already taking place. He quickly jumped into the fray. It was a mess of fists, kicks, and tentacles. Then he heard it. The beeping of a thermal detonator. Soon a new fighter sprawled over Cad just as the blast erupted. Darkness over took them all. Then in the midst of the darkness he could see a barrel pointing at him. It glowed with a white hot fire. He could see nothing else but the barrel. Something in him suddenly said roll and so he did. He moved with a preciseness he never knew he had. His hand grazed a holdout blaster on the floor and aimed it. He couldn’t see where, he just knew where to aim. He fired. All of the last 3 seconds seemed an eternity. He hear an “oouf” sound and a body hitting the floor. He collected himself up off the floor and the emergency lights filled the room. He carefully moved towards the body of his would be attacker to find his father laying there with a smoldering hole in his chest. Cad had killed his father. He didn’t know what was worse. What he had done or that he felt nothing for doing it.

From that day on, for years, Cad was on his own. Picking fights, running spice, and picking up little jobs here and there from the local gang leaders. Learning everything he could from all the gossip and Intel dropped from the spice heads. His reflexes growing faster and keener with every passing month. He thought nothing of it until his run in with the empire. He accepted a quick run job from a boss and from the get go something in his gut just kept giving him a bad feeling about his situation. Soon he figured out why. While approaching the drop site a hooded figure waited in the shadows. It moved out from the crevice in the rock face so calm so smoothly as if it was gliding. The air grew cold. Life and its warmth seemed to drain from all things around him. Then he saw it. The snap hiss sound and blood crimson light of darkness and death. His hand reacted without control or forethought and let off some rounds. A wall of light pushed away any attack. He could feel himself backing away but the figure kept closing menacingly. So quiet, so cold. He looked up and let loose on the archway above the figure with his blaster and drained his battery pack. The archway collapsed and covered the figure in debris and dust. Cad didn’t hesitate to bask in his supposed victory instead letting his legs take him away from the dark void still surrounding the pile of debris. He knew the figure didn’t perish, he just ran as fast as he could. Never stopping.

The next morning he called in all his favors and got himself a small freighter. As soon as he was cleared he hauled jets out or town and aimed for the stars. Once he cleared atmosphere three huge star destroyers loomed ahead like hungry gundarks waiting to pounce. Over the intercom he heard an Imperial officer. “Jedi shut down your engines and prepared to be boarded” A Jedi?! What is he talking about? He couldn’t wait. He heard the rumors of the empire. He immediately keyed up the hyper drive and aimed for what he hoped was empty space and threw himself into hyperspace. What was the demon with the crimson weapon? Why did they call him Jedi? He had to find answers and soon.
Will he find his answers? What adventures await Cad Breen? Who knows but whatever lies ahead he knows he’ll never be the same. The galaxy just got a whole lot bigger…

Cad Breen

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