Karnus Sunbourne aka Defekk Tohr

Ex-stormtrooper turned scoundrel on the run


Name: Karnus Sunbourne

Alias: Defekk Tohr

General Concept: Mouthy Imperial Runaway turned Rebellion Sympathizer (Scoundrel)

“Some people say you become your parents, and I, for one, can attest to that. My mother, Talia, was a dancer at the Mos Eisley Cantina. She would dance the night away, talking whomever she could out of some scratch. She was no Twi’lek by any means, but I suppose she managed alright. As for me, I didn’t have a damn credit’s worth of rhythm in my body, well… not when it came to sensually gyrating my nethers. But what I lacked in dancing skills I made up for in quick wit and fast-talk. Like my mother, I’ve always had a way with words.

“However I’d have to ashamedly admit to practically being my grand old father, Janus Sunbourne. He was a bit of a wild one. Scamming visitors, leading smugglers into ambushes, gambling mom’s wages away. I learned how to handle the sandy streets of Mos Eisley by mirroring my old man. Where shooting my mouth didn’t prevail, shooting a blaster did. I also learned real quick when blending in with the crowd was way more effective than blasting my way into fulfilling some Rodian nerf herder’s bounty contract. My father taught me the art of disappearing real well.

“That worthless pile of Bantha fodder ran out on mom and me when things became difficult, when the Empire arrived. I guess mandatory enlistment didn’t fit the bill for him. So… he split, and I was taken and vehemently commanded to don the white bucketed tin suit, yours truly a frakkin’ stormtrooper.

“At first I didn’t think it was that bad of a gig. Besides looking like a complete dwang, I was kept fed, I had a place to rest my head, and all I had to do were things I was already doing anyways – running, shooting, and falling in line. All of this was just well organized and polished street smarts. Despite how easy Imperial practices were for me to understand and abide by, there was always this uneasiness digging at the back of my mind.

“I never was the religious type. The Force made for interesting stories. The idea of some entity or power or whatever it is with a light side and a dark side constantly fighting against one another but always in need of balance baffled me. All I ever understood was the power of self. You’re only as good as the feet you stand on and the charge you stand behind when you pull the trigger. Your crew is always temporary, all trying to simply stand themselves. Nothing in life is permanent. There is no balance, just insects fighting for morsels, just fathers on the run.

“I was sent with a unit to escort an Imperial general to his vessel on my home planet Tatooine. It was a small cliffside port. It was supposed to be a simple task. Then I felt it, pure darkness, pure hatred, and something inside me resisting the sensation. I witnessed as the general squeezed the life from a man with his clenched fist standing fifty feet from his victim. I watched him throw a man like a rag doll over the edge of the docking bay simply by waving his hand. Everything I refused to believe in revealed itself in full force before my eyes, and I felt it in every part of who I was and the people next to me and in the air and the soil. That’s when I realized… I picked the wrong side.

“So like my father, I ran. I still run. Some people say you become your parents. I am my mother. I am my father. I am Karnus Sunbourne, but you can call me Tohr, Defekk Tohr.”

Karnus Sunbourne aka Defekk Tohr

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