Kelko Charrell

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nickname: Coco

At an early age Kelko always knew he was different. He wasn’t like other children who just ran and played and found themselves in trouble. He always “felt” a huge push toward what was wrong or right.

As a young child Kelko grew up on the planet of Alderaan. Enjoying a higher living than most children his age that he read about in the history books or from stories the elders would teach him in the common places. There were always legends of Jedi, but no one he knew had seen or talked to one. The empire was growing and for the most part, Alderaan was left untouched by their influence.

With Alderaan being a civilization that focused primarily on education and participation into the Galactic Senate; Kelko found himself constantly studying with a career in politics sure to be his next way of life. His fascination with always seeking to know more and persistently searching to discover more of what he was capable with, Kelko soon became a prized student on Alderaan.

It was because of this excellent study that he would be invited to the Organa’s ranch and dine with the royal family of House of Organa. One of his highlights in life.

But it there was always something that just felt different. This feeling inside of him that urged him or pushed him toward right and made a clear distinction of what was wrong. He would come to realize exactly what this “feeling” was all about as it was soon to appear larger than he could have ever imagined.

It was the first time he had ever witnessed in person the likes of a royal guard in their bright red robes or the stormtroopers he had read about during his Clone Wars studies. There they were standing one by one by one in unison. This must be a matter of importance if the emperor was sending his own personal assassins. They had come for his father.

Kelko’s father was a member of the Galactic Senate and was realizing just how dangerous the Empire was becoming. His father had heard stories that some Jedi had been in hiding shortly after the purge. He had sought out contacts in hopes to locate one of these Jedi for he felt this would be the only means to stopping the Empire’s rapid destruction.
Members of the Empire had heard that Kelko’s father was inquiring about these hidden Jedi. In hopes to retrieve this same information the Empire sent a scout team to Alderaan to question his father.

The scout team had grabbed Kelko’s father and dragged him outside of his home into a busy street. Many Alderaan citizens would observe and witness what would take place next.

His father was being held with a blaster rifle to his temple. He kept denying the information that was being sought by these scouts. The royal guard commanded that his father be executed on sight in public. Kelko rushed to try and save his father, but it was too late. The blaster shot had blown a hole in his father’s shoulder, neck and face. Out of rage, fear and a plethora of mixed emotions, Kelko shoved his hands forward and shouted, “NO!”

Unable to anticipate the next thing that would happen, Stormtroopers went flying and the royal guards were mangled against their ship. Kelko had, without knowledge of the force, executed a force push. His anger was flowing, but in his fear and uncertainty of what had just happened, Kelko ran and ran and did not stop running until he reached the closest ship.

No empire soldier would survive, but Kelko had just seen his last living relative executed at the hands of the Empire and retaliated with destruction. The Empire will be searching for him as soon as they failed to hear from their scout team. Kelko would enter space and never return to Alderaan.

Flash forward to 0BBY:

Kelko had spent many years traversing planet to planet seeking anyone who would know anything about this “force” that he had experienced. This push and pull to right and wrong. His explorations had turned up with nothing. His ambitions would soon be altered when Kelko would hear of the destruction of his home planet and the death of over 2 billion of his fellow Alderaans while sitting in a cantina on a remote planet.

It was with the news of his home planet’s destruction, that would give him a cause that would be ignited with a passion deep inside, that cause: to destroy every last member of the Empire.

Kelko Charrell

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