Maxon Mallix

Ex-Criminal Marksman/Infiltrator



Born into the chaos of the endless sprawl that covers the surface of the smugglers’ moon Nar Shaddaa, Maxon Mallix was swallowed into the criminal haven of the Undercity and grew up in the service of one of the Hutt Crime lords that controlled much of the planet. One of the other crime bosses brutally murdered his parents in retaliation for a smuggling contract gone wrong, and at the age of eight, Maxon turned to crime as a method of survival. It was through his work as an agent of Durga the Hutt that he became known for his skills and ruthlessness as an infiltrator, enforcer, and when necessary, an assassin.

In many ways the work suited him. Beginning as a common pickpocket, Maxon was able to use his natural talent for stealth and his knowledge of the underworld to gain the upper hand and he rose through the ranks. Most other criminals that worked with him would say that he was a lucky charm, a dice would turn at the last second or a guard would look the other way at just the moment needed for success on a job, there was a something uncanny about the way the world seemed to shift around him.

Out of all the criminal enterprises the Hutts participated in, only one bothered Maxon. The slave trade. His mother had been a slave before escaping to little Corusant, and he had always pitied those who were trapped in the clutches of others, though He wasn’t always able to avoid these assignments.

There was a buzz around the compound that a particularly dangerous slave was being brought to Durga’s territory for safe keeping while he made a deal with the Empire for sale. The rumor was that the slave was a Jedi Knight. In Nar Shaddaa the idea of ‘the force” protecting the weak and innocent was almost laughable, and it was with disbelief that Maxon entered the cargo ship to help unload the shipment. Maxon felt strange when he finally stared into the eyes of Falon Grey, that some strange connection existed between them, but he shook it off and focused in on the work of ensuring all the safeguards were in place for transport. While making the preparations, the group of enforcers was attacked by a rival gang with blaster fire ringing out all around them. Maxon felt a sharp burning pain in his side as a thermal detonator sent him bouncing across the floor into the back corner of the hanger, as he lay there his eyesight began to close in around him, and he fell unconscious.

When he awoke, he was shocked to find himself in a small abandoned apartment. He tried to stand but was reminded of his wounds, though he would have sworn that they would have been much more severe. He saw his personalized blaster rifle and modified storm trooper armor leaning against the far wall of the room and was startled by the door creaking open. It was Falon Grey, the Jedi that had been in the hanger with him, and over the next several days Falon used the force to heal Maxon’s wounds and nursed him back to health. It was in these days that Falon helped him to understand the nature of the force and how it flowed through all life in the galaxy.

After the fourth day, he helped Falon to board a shuttle off-world and faced a new knowledge that he could not ignore, he could channel the force, it had been with him his entire life, and he could finally see it. Not only that but an enemy saved him, an enemy that should have left him to die. There was goodness in the universe; there was light. The oppressive darkness of Nar Shaddaa was not the only lens to see the future. As he made his way back to his apartment, he heard a scream from down an alleyway in the Undercity. Three tall men surrounded a young woman, one lifted a vibroblade threateningly and then reared back to strike. In an instant and without thought he reacted, pulling his rifle from his shoulder and sending a round directly into the back of the aggressor’s torso. He fell to the ground, and in the light, he knew it was one of Durga’s enforcers. As the other two scoundrels fled the area in fear Maxon Mallix knew something important had changed in him, he didn’t know how or why, but he knew from this moment on he must attempt to protect others rather than oppress them.

After gathering his supplies he snuck onto the first starship he could find, fleeing from the Hutt’s brutal vengeance and quietly seeking out others who had knowledge of the force.

He was part of freeing a slicer from Imperial clutches for the rebellion. Doing so, amongst other heroics in that adventure, are why he is now in possession of Sakhet’s data pad with Rodian Smuggler Routes. sakhetdatapad.jpg

Maxon Mallix

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