Mitta and Jinto Trezo

Fit's parents


Jinto was a Jedi knight until he fell in love with Mitta. He left the Jedi Order and tried to slide into the background of society until he found himself longing to make the galaxy a better place. He used his wisdom other skills he learned from his time serving the galaxy as an ambassador of peace to gain a seat in the senate. He found that he could still do good for the galaxy in this way.

Jinto and Mitta met on courascant shortly before the clone wars began. Jinto was an ambassador to the high council of Glee Anselm and Mitta was the daughter of a Nautolan Senator. The biology of Nautolans and their ability to sense and react to others pheromones makes love at first sight a very real and common occurrence for them, and it was no different for Mitta and Jinto.

After the formation of the galactic Empire they both separated themselves from politics and became teachers on their home world. They raised their only child Fit to be a seeker of knowledge, however the knowledge he ended up speaking with that of the now disbanded Jedi order. They did everything they could to discourage fit from his interest in the Jedi, but as they would soon become to know his thirst for knowledge and natural affinity with the force would make stopping him a virtual impossibility.

At their last meeting, Jinto and Mitta would plead with Fit to drop his crusade and stay on Glee Anselm but Fit would hear none of it. He left them back on his home planet, wondering on a constant basis whether or not their only son was dead or worse, a servant of the dark side.

Mitta and Jinto Trezo

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