Loyal and true.


Has the charisma of a trustworthy, loyal hound. Mean when he needs to be, available when his friends are in a pinch. He wears his emotions on his sleeves (tail).


Oberon’s father was a respected surgeon for years. The Empire invaded and took over control of the planet where his father practiced medicine and Oberon was just starting his training in medicine.
His father was arrested and placed in prison. Owen, the owner of a local bar Oberon frequented, fought the first guards sent to shut down his establishment. Oberon had been there meeting with some friends to plan what would have been a futile attempt to free his father and others they were close to when the fight broke out. When they saw his combat prowess they need he could help. They helped him dispatch the guards in his bar and convinced him to help.
They succesfully freed everyone and from that point on Oberon and Owen were closer friends than they had been before. Owen knew he had to pack up and leave the planet but Oberon knew there was much he could learn from his friend.
Owen eventually opened up to Oberon that he had been a Jedi in hiding. He began to train Oberon in history, combat, and much more.
They had rejoined some old (now rebellion) friends of Owen’s recently in which they would occasionally help with minor missions for the rebellion. Owen had gone away on what should have been a quick mission and Oberon stayed for more training from some of their weapon expert friends.
Owen never came back. After a couple of months with no sign of hope he received a garbled text comm message he suspects is a clue. His hope is that Owen was reaching out to him asking for aid. He is now doing odd jobs here and there so that he’s not a vagabond as he searches for his friend.


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