Oucae-Ruh (Oucae) Seul

Angst gives way to Anger, and that Anger to Rage...


Height: 5’9"
Weight: 165lbs.
Skin Tone: Red
Eyes: Yellow

Racial Specific Features:
Horns- Three rows of horns, none longer than an inch. One row down the middle of his head, one down either side of his head, about even with a typical human males part.
Tattoo- Entire body covered in tattoo’s depicting his warrior upbringing. The symbol of their tribe covers his back, as it does for all the males of his familial line. A thick black line starts in the top center of his head and goes down the back of his head, spitting into two lines at the base of his skull. Both lines wrap around, up and over his ears and down his jaw line, both terminating on his chin, where they turn upward and narrow to points that end at the corners of his mouth. Additionally, two large black hooks reach down, starting over his eyes, his eye socket completely black, and end pointing at the center of his upper lip. Starting at the center of his brow ridge, two “lightning bolt” shapes go up at a V shape, splitting the different between his horns, ending about half-way down the back of his head.

Clothing: Wears black “robes” that are mostly just strips of black cloth wrapped around himself (think a black version of Rey in The Force Awakens, except tighter and significantly more layers). He wears black loose fitting pants and black leather boots that he stole from the Imperial colony he lived on. He managed to snag a black hoodless cloak from a patron at the cantina on the mining colony, and fashioned a hood from a sturdy fabric he stole from a nearby vendor on the same planet (Think Kylo Ren hood). He will almost never lower his hood, preferring to keep his horns and tattoos as hidden as possible.



For millennia, the Emburuk Tribe of Iridonia sat in relative seclusion from the rest of the universe. Renowned for their abilities as warriors and assassins, the Emburuk produced some of the most lethal beings to ever walk a planet’s surface. At early ages, the children are taught the ancient fighting style of Juyo, as it was taught to them by the ancient Sith Imperials. The Ancient Sith, however, being power hungry and wholly self-centered, taught the Iridonian’s, also called Zabraks (though it should be noted that Zabrak of Iridonia prefer to be called Iridonians, not Zabrak), the blade, acrobatic and hand-to-hand techniques associated with the style, emphasizing that the Zabrak draw on every bit of emotion they had to make themselves stronger and more lethal. They taught the Zabrak nothing of The Force, as that was retained for only those chosen to walk the path of Sith.

After the fall of the Sith Empire, the Emburuk withdrew, concentrating themselves on perfecting the art of warfare and combat. Millenia passed, and the Emburuk sat, their skills as warriors whispered of in dark corners of the Galaxies darkest holes.. Their skills were legendary, and highly useful to the new Galactic Empire when it came to be. For a time that is.

Oucae-Ruh Seul was born the second son of Oucae-Ren Seul, the tribal chieftain of the Emburuk. Oucae, as he was known by most, was always the favorite of his mother, Sululae the Warrior Queen, of the Emburuk Iridonian’s. While his father focused on Oucae’s older brother, Oucae-Zur and grooming him to be the next tribal chief, Sululae taught Oucae the intricacies of warfare and combat, to the point that when Oucae was set to join the Tareth, the official training “school” of the Emburuk, he was already proficient in most of the hand-to-hand and acrobatic facets. With a blade in his hand, he was unmatched by his peers. On occasion, he was even seen besting his brother, the heir apparent of the Emburuk.

Oucae-Ruh’s brother was arrogant, loud, large and, on top of that, an idiot. He routinely failed to grasp basic concepts, and even more often made poor decisions that cost their peers dearly. When his brother failed to return from his Selenoren, the Right of Passage, Oucae was broken on the inside. So much so, that he went before the Warrior Counsel that ran the Tareth, and demanded that he be allowed to enter his Right of Passage, and seek out his brother. They allowed it, despite Oucae being almost a full three years from the appropriate age.

During his time in the wilderness, with little more than a cloak and a VibroKnife, Oucae found within himself, this ability that could not be explained. He found himself running faster and jumping farther, and physically moving things he ought not to have been able to. His inability to explain it, lead him to dismiss it, and just continue, drawing on this new power whenever the time demanded, usually times of extreme emotional duress. The time soon demanded it, as he came upon the encamped Emburuk males that had been sent in to the Selenoren the same time as Oucae-Zur. Oucae walked up to them, his hood drawn up, and he spoke no words, staring into the fire they had built. Rather, at the spit over the fire they had built.

On it spun the unmistakable arm of his brother, the skin charring, the shoulder joint savagely ripped. Nearby, just on the edge of the light cast by the fire, Oucae saw the sword and clothes his brother had been sent out with. Rage flared within the young Zabrak, as one of the boys, deciding he had the strength of will to intimidate this new comer, walked to Oucae and pushed him backward. The fight that erupted was not a fight at all. It was savage and brutal retribution. Of the five that sat around the fire, eating the food they had ripped from the spit, four died. Their blood soaked the rocks, and the body of one snuffed the fire, before Oucae subdued the leader. He bound and returned the cannibal to the tribe, Oucae-Zur’s sword now strapped to Oucae’s back. The boy turned savage testified about what had happened, and was excommunicated and banished from the confines of the tribal compound. Few details were written of what happened the days after the sentencing, except that the boy never showed up to be escorted from the compound, and now Oucae wears, everywhere he goes, a necklace of horns around his neck. Five horns, to be exact.

One day, his Right’s passed and now learning to be the Chieftain, everything changed. The sky grew dark in the shadow of an Imperial Destroyer and the sounds of skiffs echoed around the mountainous and rocky hills that surrounded the compound. The Imperials descended like a tidal wave on the place, restraining every Zabrak that wasn’t killed resisting. Under the advice from his father, Oucae did not resist. Days passed, while the remnants of the Emburuk tribe sat in cells, their hands tethered and their ankles bound, before the reached a planet, somewhere on the Outer Rim. The buildings were decidedly Imperial, humans walking everywhere. It was the first time had Oucae had seen them in so great a number.

The tribe was put to work in the mines of the planet. It was a terrible existence. If they were not working, they were often made to fight each other for the amusement of the Imperial troopers and officers. The Zabrak’s were treated like animals or worse. The abuses grew worse and worse for 6 years until one day, it all came to a head.

Sparing the graphic details, Sululae was dragged into the pits that had been fashioned on this colony, and told she would be fighting a young female, barely 10, whose face lacked the tattoo’s that mark the coming of age for the Zabrak. Sululae resisted, and when her resisitance grew too defiant, she was subdued and the Marshall of the Camp, General Tsuarzi forced himself upon her, before the entire tribe, while his men restrained her. He went on as he did, about how he could do what he pleased with them, and that he hated himself for defiling his human self with her, but the point had to be made. A straw broke.

Oucae started to move forward, rage and hate practically foaming from his mouth, when his father grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him close. He slid a key card into Oucae’s hand and whispered the last word Oucae would hear his father say, “Run.” Ouacae-Ren ran forward, a shiv fashioned from a piece of scrap metal held high over his head. The rest of the tribe ran forward, while Oucae ran backward. Troopers descended on the scene leaving few guards in the rest of the mining compound. Oucae gathered what he needed and ran for the nearest cantina. As he left the mining camp, he could hear the distinct noise of blasters and screams of the last of his tribe being struck down.

He found transport off the rock, and found himself on Tattoine where he made a name for himself as a fighter and hired muscle. It was here that he was contacted about potentially helping the Rebel Alliance locate a missing ambassador. He accepted, needing the money and seeing a potential for helping him find General Tsuarzi, whom he had heard had escaped the attempt on his life with only a scar on his face to show for it. The task of finding the Ambassador was a taxing affair, that caused Oucae-Ruh, to place his trust not only in two humans, but also in the hands of a loud mouthed Nautolan. The task took them across the surface of Tatooine, before they were dragged before Teemo Hutt, when Oucae found that he was now on the hook for the actions of one of his humans compatriots.

The task eventually lead them off world, to Hoth, where they made a crash landing, and were forced out into the snowy abyss. They found shelter in a cave, where Oucae slew a Wampa, hamstringing it before he severed the beasts head. The pelts that were taken from the beast kept the four companions warm, before they were discovered by the Rebel’s that had taken up residence on Hoth. During a battle, however, the Iridonian nearly lost his life, as a series of unfortunate events lead to him taking several shots from a pair of storm troopers. To his rescue, came the fumbling hands of one of the humans. The human got Oucae mobile, until such time as he could receive full medical treatment.

The foursome were finally able to make their escape from Hoth on a ship granted to them from the Alliance, and made their way into the Core Region, to a planet that Oucae had no knowledge of. Once there, they stumbled upon ancient ruin that gave off a distinctly eerie vibe that shook Oucae to his core. He didn’t trust the place, though the other three were determined to explore it. Event’s unfolded that became a blur to Oucae as he was bounced back from an energy field that prevented him entering the room. A warmth erupted in his gut, and collapsed him to the ground before a voice spoke in his head, “In you, the Force is rising, but your hate and your fear make you dangerous, and unworthy for the path of the Jedi. Leave this place, Oucae-Ruh Seul.”
Oucae did as he was bade. He sprinted to the closest opening he could see, and soon found himself rejoining the rest of the group. Oucae-Ruh’s hearts returned to a normal pace as the group exited the temped, each now brandishing clumsy little pieces of metal, that gave off a distinct sort of energy. Two of them, the Nautolan and the human who had healed him, now wore rough and uncomfortable looking robes.

Oucae soon found himself in league with the Rebel’s across the Galaxy. He was recruited to help secure weaponry from Rhodia, along with several other companions, most of whom he never bothered to learn the names of. The adventure found them in the swamps, with the Nautolan Fit taking time to honor a fallen warrior, referred to by the others as as Jedi. During this little adventure, Oucae was routinely challenged by the other members of the group, who seemed to be guided by some deeper sense of Right and Wrong, most notably when they talked him into engaging in a dog fight with a pair of X-Wings in order to save a ship that Oucae had no intention of saving, and in fact, had little reason to do so.

The adventure grew more dense as they were sent to planet, at the bidding of some corporate executive, to retrieve information about a lost grew of explorers, or something. While on the planet, Oucae’s survivalist mentality took over, and he found himself srambling to kill every Skull Borer he could see. Sentient beings or not, it was them or him, and Oucae was going home. When they left the planet, Oucae again aired on the side of self-preservation and openly argued with the human Titus, who argued that the crew should take the living Skull Borers back to the corporation that had hired them in the first place. Oucae refused, and the matter ended at that.

After a skirmish for a Rebel sympathizer led the group into the sewers, Oucae began to question whether or not this group of compatriots he had fallen in with were worth the trouble. The human’s for certain were not, but the remaining non-humans kept Oucae in the fold, though they probably did not realize it.

After a rather fevered battle aboard an Imperial Star Destroyer, in which Oucae murdered as many people as he could get his hands (and teeth) on, Oucae crashed an Imperial shuttle onto the planet surface of Terris, where the group found themselves in a city made entirely of humans. Oucae and one of his human companions, Dae, lead the group into a nearby “abandoned” Sith outpost, where they encountered a dormant Sith Lord, Darth Nihilus. A frantic skirmish ensued, which ended with Oucae gripping the hilt of the dark Lord’s lightsaber, Dark Side energy radiating out from it. But more curious was the glowing red pyramid that Dae found in the altar they found the Darth Nihilus praying over. Through all of it, Oucae found within himself, a ferocity born of hate and rage. And within that Hate and Rage, Oucae has scratched the surface of a power that he fully intends to push farther into…((Also, Somo was there. And I will edit this more fully to describe better after the summary is posted))

Oucae-Ruh (Oucae) Seul

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