Quin Graff

Naive traveler, ready for anything and everything.


Quin was a passion preserver of life. It was that quality that led to his end. Quin selflessly jumped on a thermal detonator to save a complete stranger and her unborn baby.


Quin grew up on the planet Weik. Weik is a planet in dark space far outside the outer rim. Here the force is viewed as magic, advanced weaponry doesn’t exist, and the culture is extremely tribal.

Once Quin came of age he joined the Adamite Paladin cast. They are much like knights in that their order follows strict moral guidelines and stand up for those who are being oppressed.

He was always strong in the Force, but while the rest of his peers viewed the Force as an ancient magical energy, and were busy “casting spells”, Quin knew that the force went beyond the short shortsightedness of his fellow paladins. His suspicions were confirmed when he came across an old Jedi holocron on the derelict star destroyer they know as the Adamite Tower. The knowledge Quin gained from the holocron enabled him to construct a space ship, and chart a course for known space.

Although he turned his back on the Paladins of Weik, he maintained their core values and takes them with him on his journey. He plans to learn as much as he can about the Jedi order, and become stronger in the force so he can help the lost and mistreated beings of the galaxy.

After having escaped the mysterious planet where he and he new companions were forced to undertake a twisted game of cat and mouse, Quin has realized that life in the galaxy is not quite as civilized as he had hoped. However, having seen that there is good in his companions (if a bit veiled at times) this has only served to steal his resolve to ensure that no being, great or small, is mistreated and that the light side of the force triumphs over the dark!

After having escaped the planet and meditating on his connection to the force, Quinn’s ability to sense the living force in and around other beings deepens. Late one night while in the mess hall of the ship Quinn realizes that not only can he sense the thoughts and emotions of his fellow team members, but that the possibility exists for him to not only touch their minds but to gently manipulate them as well! He thanks the force for its guidance and assistance, and vows to use this new power only in defense of his friends, and the innocent!

Quin Graff

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