Jedi Warrior


Tom was born a slave, and from a young age his strength was valued by his owner above all other attributes. He was trained in combat and taught to fight for his master, but Tom had different ideas. He rebelled, and quite accidentally found himself at the center of a slave revolt that liberated hundreds of sentients. Unfortunately for Tom, he lost an arm in the battle and was nearly killed.

When Tom finally recovered from his wounds, he discovered that his arm had been replaced with a cybernetic and his freedom purchased by a scholar named Hethan Romund. Intrigued by his ability to survive wounds that should have killed anyone else, Romund had taken a special interest in Tom.

She asked the young ADDRACEHERE to serve as her bodyguard on a particularly dangerous world as she explored the supposed final resting place of a Jedi Knight. The mission, despite (or perhaps because of) Tom’s relentless refusal to take anything serious, was a success. As payment for his services, Romund gave Tom the dead Jedi’s lightsaber, explaining to him that the Jedi had been champions of the oppressed and weak – just as Tom himself was.

Since then, Tom has been enjoying his freedom in the galaxy, selling his sword-arm and fighting on his own terms, not for any master. Although he seldom backs down from any fight or challenge, he prefers to fight on behalf of the weak and oppressed. When he received a distress call from his old friend Romund, he was happy to leap to her aid. He was too eager to show off during what he considered a cake-job and lost the light saber that he had trained and become proficient with. He since has found a training saber since it allows him to still fight the same style but longs for a new light saber.

From time to time he goes back to the planet he lost his light saber on, Spintir, hoping an indigenous tribe may have recovered his saber so that he can retrieve it. He has befriended many of those tribes in his many trips back since he’s always the jokester and they love to see him show off and occasionally overestimate his abilities and make humorous mistakes that most people wouldn’t survive.



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