Titus Octavius

Logical opportunist


Consular: Sage
Morality: 53


The Arena
…Such a strange and story rich place where an epic fight to the death will surely result. A place where a rich land baron seeks to prove his grit and prowess in forms other than business transactions; or perhaps a slave seeking freedom in the most desperate and daring of ways—which is precisely what happened…

…Titus and the other adventurers found themselves within a prison cell after having accepted a contract to bring in a twilek by the name of Besforak. In a moment of critical thinking, they broke out and ran down the hall which held their prison cell and quickly located a crate which contained their weaponry and then busted through the door they deemed safest resulting in their most terrifying of nightmares, that is, The Arena.

In the next few minutes (which seemed an eternity), they would prove their worth once more in a fight of nearly legendary proportions eventually resulting in a near debacle with the dreaded Rancor. Luckily, they managed to pull together and destroy this legendary beast; which did not happen without it’s woes; that is, in the final moments of the battle, Titus managed to gain the creature’s attention so as to hopefully save his team from death. This, however, resulted in the destruction of his most prized possession, his Lightsaber, as well as his near death experience resulting in him being knocked unconscious and nearly crushed by the creature’s hand in one fell swoop.

Titus, however, did not die due to his force capabilities and was able to significantly reduce the force of the blow using the force. This was a moment of strengthening for him and has resulted in his gaining strength and ability with the Force Move force power.

This moment will long be remembered by him and will result in his focused efforts to gain greater control of the force so as to keep death’s grasp away.

The Force is my Ally
Titus took his leave to do some refocusing and rest. That is, he spent a lot of time at the local cantinas causing a little bit of a ruckus and managed to get pretty good at avoiding conflict (Preemptive Avoidance Perk). In addition to this, he has managed to find the time to learn a little bit more about lore (Knowledge Specialization Perk) of the galaxy and force in general. Finally, he managed to get more focused in his use of the Force and is gaining ground in growing more and more in it’s successful usage.

Growing Up:
From a young age, Titus was groomed by his parents to always be sensitive to the ways of the force; and because of this, the Octavius family has sided with the Rebel Alliance from the very beginning. That said, life has not always been easy for them due to the simple fact that they could not practice the force in open public; and this eventually lead them to the wilderness where they would live in mostly solitude with a small band of force users who would all train and practice together as well as share any insights they may find in their travels in secret and relative safety.

General Approach:
The “force” and “curiousity” are Titus’ guide in life and are often what lead him in any given direction— specifically when he deems it an interesting one. This does not simply include wondering or inquiring about things such as “what is around that corner” or “what is hidden in this box” but rather often on a more intellectual scale driven by concepts and puzzles that more often revolve around the force itself.

That said, the force is a constant puzzle for Titus and therefore is what he spends most of his time trying to solve. It is not uncommon for Titus to go out of his way to find practical information on the use of the force so long as it does not obviously put himself in harms way; but even then if the reward is great enough, the risk is worth it.

As of Late:
Although Titus grew up as “One with the Force”, he now uses the it as a purely “Pragmatic Power” to accomplish his own goals. This is what eventually led to him leaving his family and home planet, Tralus.

Titus Octavius

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