Tyrobet Baratheon

Quick witted Corellian. He'll get the job done, count on it.


Age: 19
Race: Corellian Human
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 180lbs
Eye Color: One brown (almost black) one bright icy blue with permanent pink Sclera.
Hair: Black, Long, swept to his left to cover his blue eye
Known Associates:
Current – Defekk Tohr, Lavidean Dane, Oberon, Titus Octavius, Tubal Kain, Zur Kolar
Past – Jaime, Sephera

Not inherently good looking, but has an intriguing look that (apparently) works for him.

(Just imagine the picture has longer hair and it covers his blue eye.)



History: “You’re no son of mine.” Tyrobet Baratheon heard these words his entire life. His father, Tytos Baratheon, resented his third child with a disdain most think unimaginable for a parent to his child. On his way into the world, Tyrobet committed his great offense, and killed his mother on the birthing bed. Tytos, and Tyrobet’s older sister Sephera, have harbored a hate for Tyrobet- called Boone by his close friends. To add insult to injury for his father, Boone was born very different from the rest of his family. For starters, his entire family, for generations, were blond-headed and green-eyed and for the most part, beautiful people. Boone, was born black-haired, with one bright blue eye and one eye that start life a pleasant hazel color and has since turned brown almost black. Additonally, he was born missing the pinky on his left hand. As he grew up, his physical differences continued to show themselves. He is missing the canine on the right side of his mouth. All this adds to a fairly displeasing look.
Growing up, despite the lack of support and love of his father and sister, Boone was always excellent academically. He began speaking earlier than most, and began reading within two years of speaking. He was often shut away and left to his own when he was a small child, so books became a great source of comfort for him. He had no time, however for fantasy and fables. Instead, he consumed himself with the study of absolutely everything he could learn. When the time came for him to begin the Corellian Academy, Boone was already leaps and bounds above his classmates. The Academy, which normally takes a full 10 years from the time of enrollment at 6. Boone, who dispite his sheltered up-bringing, seemed to naturally attract friends including now-prominent elite including the current trade ambassador of Corellia who was once his closest friend and party buddy. Tyrobet graduated in 7 years. And as he graduated things became interesting.
Tytos was the junior Senator for Corellia, who was ambitious and ruthless in his political dealings. As a Senator, he and his family were among the elite of Corellia, and owned a large estate, with rolling vineyards, and some of the most active gem mines in the galaxy. The Baratheons are one of the most affluent familes in the Empire/ Republic, and some say they may be THE wealthiest family in the galaxy. Tytos had three children, the older two being a set of fraternal twins. Sephera was the oldest, and was promised to the son on of the current Diktat, Amon. The other half of the twin set was Jaime, a promising warrior and often considered one of the finest rifleman and military commanders in the system. Tytos often leveraged the marriage of his daughter to Ares, the son of the Diktat, who- if tradition held true- would be the Diktat himself, to gain favor and influence on Corellia. He used that marriage to weasel his youngest son, the bane of his existence, into the office of Chief Governor of Transport, for the capital city of Coronet City. The office was primarily a means of not sweeping his lesser son under the rug anymore, and using the shared last name to achieve something for the family.
In his new office, at the age of 14, Boone flourished. The public transit systems never flowed smoother and the transit in and out of the city ran regular as the planets orbit of the sun. It didn’t matter to Tytos though. Tytos still took every shot he had to tear his son down, so Boone started to find humor and sarcasm a good defense. And to cope, he found alcohol a fine comfort. Alcohol, particularly wine, and women. He really liked women, and of course, the things they did together. By his 15th birthday, Boone had gained a reputation that was the cause of much laughter among the higher families on Corellia. The habits Boone was developing drove the wedge between Tytos and Boone even deeper, to the point that Tytos actually began plotting to have the 15 year old Boone killed. Luckily, Boone did not want to die, and was often craftier than his father and the men sent to kill him and the schemes they devised. And when he wasn’t Jaime was there for him.
Jaime and Boone were thick as thieves their entire lives. Jaime always had a soft spot for his baby brother, and often advocated for him when no one else in the family would. In fact, it was Jaime who introduced Boone to the ways of women and booze. Jaime, who when his brother was 14, decided he needed to know what it was like to be with a woman. So he arranged for Boone to encounter a random woman, a prostitute already paid by Jaime, and Boone would take her home. It worked. Boone and his brother often partied together, but it was Boone who incurred his father’s wrath, not Jaime. Jaime was the golden son, and thus could do no wrong. Tytos regularly swept accusations of rape and theft against Jaime, under the rug, but never Boone, though Boone never had any. More often than not, Tytos was bothered with disposing of prostitutes to keep people from knowing about Boone and his ways. He failed.
During his 16th year, Boone hired a particular lady of the night to accompany him to a dinner and then go home with him, because he did not want to eat alone on the anniversary of his time at Chief of Transport. He found the woman, Sheya, to be absolutely astounding. She was funny and intelligent and exotic. Her accent was from the outer reaches of the Corellian system, and it peaked Boone’s interest. They spent that night together, and in the morning, Boone knew he loved her. He convinced her to be his girlfriend in secret, because he knew his father would have her dealt with if he found out. The two began to see each other for the better part of the year. Meanwhile…
Tytos could see the writing on the wall. He was never going to be the senior Senator for Corellia. He began to work his way into favor with the aging Diktat Amon. He had even convinced Amon, amid his failing health, to sign a letter, advising that he (Tytos) he named Diktat upon Amon’s death. The day came when Amon died, but the Corellian Counsel ignored the letter and named the Diktat’s son, Ares, as the Diktat. Immediately Tytos contacted an assassin and bought poison to kill Ares. He gave it to his daughter, and told her to give it to the new Diktat in his dinner wine. She agreed, fearing for her own life at this point, and within three months of his appointment, Ares was dead. The Counsel now named Tytos as Diktat, and the first thing he did, was level the charges for the Diktat’s murder against Boone.
Tytos had planted the poison in his 17-year-old son’s chambers in the family estate. He had forged communications between Boone and other members of the high Corellian families and corporations, plotting the murder and making promises for when the new Diktat took power, who the forgeries promised would the head of one of the biggest ship building firms on the planet. Tytos had Boone arrested and placed in the cells of the family estate, and brought a formal trial against Boone.
The trial commenced, and every witness that spoke was someone Boone once saw as a friend. The noise of credits in their pockets was almost audible, as Boone watched the satisfied faces of his father and sister while account after account was given against him. Boone eventually, after being clubbed in the back of the head for speaking out of turn, resolved to sitting by and watched every falsified account be given. Finally, Sheya stepped to the stand, and for a moment Boone let himself feel hope. Then she spoke. But they weren’t her words. Her perfect lips moved, but Tytos’s words flowed out. Boone broke inside. As she left the stand without looking at him, Boone was done. He stood to his feet and demanded he be allowed to speak. He demanded that he be allowed to duel to decide his fate. It was an ancient tradition and right that hadn’t been evoked in nearly 250 years, but was still legitimate.
Boone was moved back to the cells in the estate to await his duel. During his days in the cell, he learned he would be dueling his brother Jaime, and he knew his fate was sealed. He was almost as good a duelist as Jaime, but he knew regardless of what happened, he would never be allowed to return to normal life. In fact, he was sure his father had a plan to have him killed regardless. In one move, Tytos had gained the power he wanted, and had gotten rid of his son. One night, as Boone sat in his cell, wallowing in his pity, he heard the cell door open. This was it, Tytos final move. He was going to kill Tyrobet in his cell before the duel. He looked up to face his attacker, and saw Jaime standing, with a coat and wrapped around a vibroknife in his hand. He escoted Boone out of the cell and told him to meet him in the hangar bay. Jaime went ahead down the main halls, and would dismiss the guards in the bay so that Boone could escape. Boone instead, took a secret passage he knew of in the house and walked into the north wing, the wind his father’s bedroom was in.
He opened the door to Tytos bedroom and saw Sheya in Tytos bed. She looked at him, and before either of them could say anything she reached for a nearby plate and threw it at Boone as he advanced across the room. Boone drive the knife into Sheya’s stomach and stabbed her multiple times as the pair struggled against each other, until eventually Sheya lay dead beneath him, her big brown eyes staring back at him. In a case near the door, was belt with two old dueling pistols. They had been relics since before unsanctioned dueling was outlawed on the planet, hundreds of years earlier and had just been returned to Tytos from the gunsmith, after being updated and made functional again. Tyrobet opened the case and slung the belt and pistols around his waist, under the coat Jaime had given him. As he walked down the hall, he came across a guard who immediately reached for his commlink. Fortunately, Boone was the quicker and threw his vibroknife, and it stuck in the mans hand, pinning it to his chest. Boone ran forward and began to choke the man, eventually feeling the life slip from the mans body as Boone clamped his fingers around the guards throat.
Father down the hall, Boone came across his father’s toilet. He kicked the door open, and his father looked back at him, his pants around his ankles, his butt planted on the toilet seat.
“Tyrobet,” he spoke out in a tone of true surprise. “ Jaime set you free, I assume. He always had a soft spot for you. Either way, go to my chambers, and we will discuss the matter there.”
“I’m not going back there,” Boone answered looking back at his father, and for the first time despite everything, he hated him. “ She’s in there.”
“Yes, she is,” Tytos said matter of factly. “ I suppose you’ve seen her already.”
“I killed her.”
“No matter. She’s a whore. No one wheeps for-“
“Say that word again. I dare you,” Boone cut across, his hand rested on the heel of one of the pistois.
“What word? Whore?” Tytos said back almost laughing.
Boone tossed the pistol at his father’s feet.
“I warned you. Now pick it up.”
“What? You’re going to duel you father on the toilet, because he called your little slut a who-“
Boone drew the other pistol and fired a shot square into his father’s chest. Tytos flew backward on the seat and slumped lifeless against the wall behind the toilet. Boone turned and walked away down the hall, holstering the one pistol and leaving the other at the feet of his dead father. He made his way quickly down the halls and into the hangar, where Jaime had readied a ship for him. As he approached Jaime saw the pistol around his waist, but said nothing and watched as his baby brother boarded the ship and took off for the outer rim.
Boone landed on a planet in the outer rim and as soon as he could, he sold his ship and took the money to the local cantina. Boone drank away months of his life in that cantina, occasionally gambling to make more money. His high intellect and his innate ability to cheat and lie lead him to make more and more money this way. His ability as a duelist increased this way as well. Most species don’t take to being swindled and lied to well. Boone regularly found himself on the receiving end of beatings as a result of his habits. Eventually, however, it endeared him to an old bounty hunter. The bounty hunter began to train Boone to fight better, and even the art of hunting bounties. He called Boone his protégé, and shortly after introducing Boone to the rest of the Bounty Hunters in the system, he and Boone sat down for one last game of cards.
The liquor flowed that night, and Boone convinced the older man to wager his ship and his armor. Boone had seen the hand and knew he had won. The older man, quite drunk, accepted the loss as legitimate, but Boone made a point of getting off world sooner than later. Rumor had reached Boone’s ears in the time since that the old man, Gerus Bisfax, was looking for him, to discuss that night. In the time since getting his ship, which he has christened The Guilty Son, Boone has worked for every force and organization imaginable. He avoids the Core as much as possible, but ultimately fears very little. In his travels, he has become a proficient smuggler and bounty hunter, earning a reputation as the guy who will do almost anything for a few cred. This penchant for doing the ridiculous and reckless, has earned him the nickname Maverick among those in the Under World of the Galaxy.Still some know him as The Guilty Son, as his ships callsign is the only name they were ever given. Those who know him best, know him as Boone, but they are few and far between these days.
Barely a day goes by that Boone is sober, and even fewer nights go by that Boone sleeps alone. It isn’t uncommon to find Boone on the floor of his ship, face down in a puddle of drool on the nights when he is alone. Just like his time with Gerus, Boone regularly gets into duels, one of which made him rather infamous, and he hasn’t returned to Nal Hutta since. Boone is a wild card. He drinks, he knows things and drinks some more. And when the moment presents itself, he does something stupid to make some money, or get his hands on something worth a little cred.

Tyrobet Baratheon

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