Veshnik Alabarr

Ex-Bothan Spy


Veshnik came from humble beinnings. Living outside the realm of the Cosmopolitan cities of Bathawui, his father, Orden Alabarr, taught Veshnik and his younger brother, Athan, how to live off the land. As well as hunting and tracking, Orden taught his sons to suffer all types of hardships. He was even known to leave the boys by themselves on the side of mountains to fend for themselves. At one point, Veshnik was attacked by a fierce Krak’jya. With nothing to fight off the cat-like beast, Veshnik was nearl mauled to death. Right before the Krak’jya dealt its death strike, Orden killed it with a blaster rifle.

Years later, Veshnik and his brother started training with the Bothan Spynet. Veshnik and Athan were both part of the same squadron and worked together in numerous missions. During their training, they became very fluent in Wrendui (a form of communication between Bothans that is spoken between the rippling of fur). During one mission, Veshnik and Athar were assigned to gain intel on a group of Imperial Stormtroopers that set up a base in Mos Eisley on the planet of Tatooine. The group that they were assigned to consisted of 5 Stormtroopers. While they were speaking with the troopers about some lost droids, the two Bothans were using Wrendui to talk to each other. During this, Veshnik picked up a signal that wasn’t coming from his brother. As he looked to his brother in confusion, Athar tackled Veshnik and began ruthlessly beating him. As the troopers looked on, Veshnik managed to kick Athar off of him and looked up to see the troopers pointing their blasters at his head.

“I’m sorry Veshnik,” Athar said. “This war has gotten out of hand. I want to be on the side that will win.”

“What did you tell them?” Veshnik asked.

Just then Veshnik picked up something else through Wrendui. He looked at his brother who was talking but he couldn’t focus on what he was saying. He felt it again, but still could not determine where it was coming from. As he went to stand, the troopers kept their blasters drawn on him. He felt it again. This time it came in stronger. This time he felt it say “get out.” He looked at the commanding Stormtrooper and repeated the words he had felt. WIth a slight hesitation, the stormtroopers holstered their weapons and walked out of the room.

Veshnik didn’t even think about what just happened before he turned and attacked Athar. “What are you doing?! How could you do this?!” As this was happening other Bothans from the Spynet came rushing in and stunned Veshnik.

When he woke up, Veshnik found himself alone, in the Bothawui mountains. Just like he had before when his father left him many, many times.

(Most recent bio)

After being captured by Imperials, Veshnik and a group of misfits had to fight their way out of a Star Destroyer. During their escape, Vesh showed great tact and skill as he killed many officers (including killing one while on the back of a Wookie) and interrogating them to get information. After they got off the Star Destroyer, the group made their way to the Terris system. Before things went south, Vesh got a feeling from the force that he had to leave.

When he left, he got into some trouble when a gang of civilians found him on the street late at night. He fought his way out and ran to find the nearest transport he could find. He climbed into the cockpit of a small abandoned H-Wing and flew off to the nearest Bothan-friendly system in hopes to find his brother.

Veshnik Alabarr

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