Zur Kolar



Personality type: INFJ. Angsty, but straight to the point. Hates disloyalty, has a strong sense of honor and justice. Attempts to save as many people as he can, without jeopardizing the mission. Used to have a strong sense of trust in people, but now has lost that. Only voices his opinion whenever necessary.

Recently helped recover a datachip with coords to a stolen artifact and large amounts of encrypted creds.


Throughout his childhood, Zur Kolar flew under the radar in his clan, the Kolar Clan, which is a Northern Clan on Iridonia. As the third son of Kao Cen, Chieftain of the Kolar Clan, Zur was constantly ignored, even when he impressed others. From an early age, Zur knew he would never grow into a leadership role within his clan. While his brothers were taught how to lead the clan, Zur focused elsewhere. He trained intensely to improve his fighting skills, knowing one day he would be put into situations where his life would depend on it.

As soon as Zur was old enough, he joined the brotherhood of warriors that protected the clan from invaders. The warriors were separated from the rest of the clan. Most of the brotherhood was comprised of outcasts, criminals, and, on occasion, a skilled fighter. From his early training, Zur fell into the last category. At first, Zur was disliked by everyone because of his arrogance in his skill. Not until he stopped Zaval, the leader of training new warriors, from killing a new trainee, did other brotherhood members start to like Zur.

As he grew in popularity within the brotherhood, he quickly rose to a leadership role in the brotherhood, eventually becoming the Chieftain of the brotherhood. As the Chieftain, Zur started making drastic changes to how the Brotherhood operated, which made others furious. One of those brotherhood members was Zaval. Ever since Zur stood up to Zaval, he hated Zur. So, Zaval, and others planned to overthrow Zur as the Chieftain. Zur was ambushed outside of the brotherhood’s walls by Zaval and several other Brotherhood members. Zaval left Zur for dead.

In the night, Zur woke up with multiple stab wounds and bleeding everywhere. Zur managed to escape away from the village, toward a port with ships off the planet. Still bleeding, a stranger knew Zur by his facial markings — a bright orange face with long, erratic lighting like shapes all over his face. Through conversation, Zur discovered that the stranger was a disgraced member of the Kolar Clan, and that’s why he knew his facial markings well. The stranger helped heal Zur to full strength. Before the stranger left Zur, he helped the former Brotherhood leader find a ship to escape Iridonia. Zur left Iridonia on an escape ship, never to be seen on the planet again.

Zur Kolar

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