Force and Destiny near the Still Waters

The Space Between

Quin's Last Ride

While hanging with his new entourage, Titus runs into an old friend Fit. Fit has double booked his team and was excited to see Titus in hopes that his new squad could take on a job for him.

They were given a simple Snatch and Grab that was worth more reward than they could turn down. Their new employer, Biff, seemed to mean business.

The group went to a temple where the target was said to frequent for prayers every afternoon. Quin got himself shot in the leg when he tipped off the target’s detail that he meant them harm with a picture of the target on his data pad. Titus attacked the two guards, Tails and Harry, with the force but inadvertently injured the target in the process. This caused complications with her pregnancy. Boon began executing the two guards once they were neutralized. Quin raged on Boon when he began executing guards. Boon was able to see that Quin didn’t have control of his feelings in that moment and it wasn’t personal. They were able to grow in their understanding of each other and adapt. The team was able to secure the target but needed medical help immediately as she and her baby were dying. Quin and Boon took the target in search of medical help while Titus tried to keep up appearances and not cause any attention to their team by returning the speeder he rented.

While Titus was on his own he was approached by a Bagman looking to pay them off to retrieve the target without a fight and requiring the team to double-cross their employer for this mission. Titus attempted to double cross the Bagman and force push him off of the speeder as they were traveling to rejoin the team and discuss the trade or buyout. The Bagman was able to survive being thrown form the speeding speeder, but Titus’ oversight caused him harm. The speeder had no driver and it crashed into an embankment off the side of the road. As Titus stirred he looked up to see the Bagman before being knocked unconscious.

Quin and Boon proceeded on toward the drop point where their employer, Biff, promised a medical team on site. They approached a bridge that was the recent site of a turf war battle. Boon tried to drive the armored truck they confiscated from Tails and Harry. He ended up coming under fire and wrecking the truck. They found themselves trapped on the bridge by snow troopers left to secure the bridge after the previous battle. Boon and Quin were able to eliminate a couple troopers but with the heavy fog set in causing visibility issues they were stuck.

The Bagman brought Titus to the entrance to the bridge and had him radio his team. He offered to dispose of the rest of the troopers in exchange for the target. He even offered a bag full of credits, 50,000. During their hesitation to accept or decline the offer a live thermal detonator landed next to Boon, Quin, and the target.

Quin, with a conviction to preserve innocent life, couldn’t live with the idea that this target (and her baby) that he acquired would be blown up because of his actions. He boldly and selflessly jumped on top of the detonator. Boon grabbed the target and tried to jump away. The blast was somewhat absorbed by Quin’s body as he was killed, but the blast forced Boon and the target over the side of the bridge. Boone was able to land on the catwalk but he had to reach out and catch the target by the arm before she fell to her death. He pulled her back up and accepted the offer from the Bagman. Titus and Boon made off with the bag full of credits and the Bagman secured the girl. Boon and Titus left as quick as they could and found the bag was filled with credits, but not in the denominations needed to equal 50k. They found they had only 500 credits.



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