Darr Cwar

Beefy Ginger, Prominent Corellian Politician


Public Life – Assumed his deceased father’s former post of Corellian Trade Ambassador.
Private Life – Secretly growing in his dark powers and influence.

Bio (Short Version)

Early in life:
Intimidating and brash when necessary and sometimes out of left field, but most times looking to have a good time.

These days:
Darr was the wealthy son of a trade ambassador that went against what was socially acceptable, for a family that deals with the Empire one behalf of their world (Corellia), when he impregnated two of his tutors, Alyra and Xyra. The issue wasn’t so much that he impregnated the help, it was that they weren’t human, Twi’leks actually.

His family had them secretly sent away with the expectation that abortions would be forced.

Darr went on with life being groomed to take over for his father as the future trade ambassador. He partied like a rich kid and trained in politics, worlds, languages, music, history, hunting, and for fun… combat.

While working on a trade deal off-planet Darr took an evening in a local cantina in search of a good time. He recognized one of his former tutors, Xyra, that he assumed would be dead by now. She was dancing in the cantina and because of his enhanced attention to her he noticed that she may actually be posing as a dancer considering she was watching some shady men in the corner and passing information to another table.

A fight broke out in the alley nearby and she was killed. Darr heard the group reference the other tutor, Alyra, when they considered who might tell her she had been killed. He quickly discovered it was a rogue group from the Rebellion. He fell in with their group under an assumed name hoping to find his living tutor so that he could be sure she wouldn’t use her info about him and his family to harm his future.

His first encounter in his new temporary assumed life as Daewar put him with a new crew and his first encounter with a real live Jedi, Barris. She recruited the group to help her free her daughter from her deranged husband who once followed the light side of the force but had fallen in with a Dark master. Dae helped support Barris as she defeated her husband, and then he helped kill the Sith Master. Dae took his red Sith Armor as a trophy. He felt drawn to it.

Upon his next travels with this new group he finally came across her, Alyra, the last living proof of his mistakes. At first he felt some guilt about them being sent away and thought he may try to help her rather than silence her. He followed a lead she gave him for the rebellion and ended up in some hot water where he ended up having to kill a Hutt, Hogarth Hutt, which is no small thing! He came back to her thinking she had set him up and he had the intention to kill her. After striking a lethal blow he was able to see through her disguise and realized it was the pirate, Hondo that he had killed instead. He had once again lost track of her. At this point he had killed a Hutt and an infamous Pirate. He began feeling that perhaps this lifestyle suited him.

His next mission landed him in an ancient Jedi temple with his crew. His recent new-found desire for more power led him to choose incorrectly in a Jedi Test of Worth that cost him a a chance at a Jedi cloak and lightsaber. He felt the anger and bitterness clouding his desire to pursue noble things. His attempt to murder Alyra mixed with his rejection by the Jedi temple further pushed him to pursue the power he knows deep down he truly desires.

Dae took his leave of the group temporarily in a secret trip to seek out any powers and strength he could find. During his time away he learned some new trips and had his Sith Armor secretly customized.

His most recent mission led Dae and his group to an encounter with the long forgotten Sith Lord, Nihilus. Darth Nihilus was skilled in draining and absorbing his enemies life force. Dae’s group had landed on a planet that was the site of an epic Sith war that resulted in the planet’s surfaced being mostly razed. They discovered Nihilus resting place where his cloak, lightsaber, and holocron were laid to rest. Upon their entry, Nihilus’ life-force remnants accidentally absorbed into his most personal items were able to manifest a physical presence of Nihilus that Dae and his group battled. Upon Dae’s final blow that finished Nihilus, Dae claimed Nihilus’ cloak and holocron. Earlier in this encounter, before finding Nihilus, Dae’s group encountered an imprisoned wookiee. Dae saved him, Adini, and he now accompanies Dae for the sake of his life-debt.

Dae currently finds himself in possession of a red light saber that a member of his crew, Titus, received in battle and gifted to Dae, sith armor, a sith cloak, and the personal Holocron of the Sith Lord, Nihilus. He may have found himself a new path in life.

Dae through time (Left: starting clothes and cloak Right: sith gear obtained since):


Bio (Long Version):

Darr has always had many servants (non-human) in his home. He was raised by these servants and being told they are a subspecies because they weren’t human. He lived with inner turmoil over two of his twi’lek tutors, Xyra and Alyra, mostly during his teenage years. They tutored him in music and foreign languages, the obvious reason for his success in these areas. As much as he disliked himself for it, he couldn’t help being attracted to them. After a night on the town of heavy drinking with friends, he had some poor decision making and came home looking for his favorite tutors. He called them into his room and in a swirl of alcohol, puberty, and (in retrospect) perhaps some Force fueled charisma, he found himself with two impregnated tutors.

Darr could not be disgraced by this so, by his fathers’ prompting, he arranged to secretly have them sold. They would obviously be forcibly relieved of their unborn babies once they were on Tattoine living their new lives as enslaved dancers. After this night Darr recognized the Force for the first time. He began to experiment with his abilities to manipulate people and objects. He was in a bit of a depressed state over what he had done to those women. He wrestled with whether or not he was a bad person. Because of this, his experimentations with the force were sometimes detrimental to those around him.

Darr’s father had been grooming him as his apprentice and successor and had hoped that he could still soon replace the interim when the selection for a permanent replacement took place. Darr’s father was a major proponent of helping the Empire get the shipyards and engineering Corps nationalized and under control. Because of this, wealth was heaped upon him by the new regime. Darr had always been a quick study of his fathers’ work (it came easy to him) but he also loved to play the part of playboy and family heir. He was well educated, an accomplished musician, trained in combat/hunting for sport, but never had to implement any of these areas that he always felt naturally gifted in. He was well traveled, growing up accompanying his father on business rips in order to see the different worlds and cultures. It seemed to make sense to Darr that he was just like his father. His future looked rewarding.

On his most recent trip to Coruscant he found himself in a high end pub gambling the night away with his close friend Boone. He could tell there were some shady dealings going on that seemed to be more than the typical. There was a group of cloaked women in a party that he felt drawn to. He tried to get close and listen in on their hushed discussion. He quickly ascertained that they were rebels. While he didn’t like this, he’d been taught that they were bad for business, he knew it was none of his concern outside of Corellia. He chalked his attraction to their presence as the force alerting him that there was some serious potential for trouble… Soon, a man that also had also been observing them discretely, decided to be bold enough to bump into their party as he passed by. Darr saw him slip something for their cloak into his pocket and keep walking. One of the women closest to Darr had her hood drop only for a second when bumped. Darr instantly recognized her. It was Xyra. He pulled his hood immediately hoping to avoid recognition.

Darr feared for his future as his fathers’ replacement. If Xyra was alive and well, she could exploit him and his wealth for the rebels. Not to mention ruin his reputation and standing with the Empire. At the same time he almost felt relieved to seeing her seemingly free from bondage.

Darr followed the group as they left the pub. When they exited their party was accosted by the man from earlier and his group. The scrum worked around to a nearby alley where most of the mans’ group was killed. The man was about to get away when Darr saw his chance. He attacked the man and rendered him unconscious with a blow to the back of the head. Darr reached in the mans’ pocket and retrieved the chip that was stolen earlier in the pub. He returned it to the rebel party gaining favor with them so that he could stick around hoping to gain a moment alone with Xyra. In a bittersweet moment, he found that she had been killed in the scrum. Realizing he had dodged a bullet he was bout to go back to his gambling and celebrate this miracle. But as he was about to say goodbye, he heard one of the party say “I will be the one to contact Alyra when we get back to a secure comm.”

Darr knew in that moment that he had only one option. He needed to seize this opportunity to infiltrate the rebels and put his, to this point, unused gifts into action to locate and eliminate Alyra’s ability to ruin him. He knew he had to sneak away from his family temporarily, and slip off without Boone noticing, to deal with this situation. He tried to tell himself it had nothing to do with his past attraction to her, and he didn’t even let himself consider the idea that he could have living children. What would they be now? 17 18 years old?

His subduing of the man not only gave the rebels an enemy to interrogate but saved valuable information that would have been detrimental to their cause if he had escaped with it. Darr has now been running with the rebels under an alias, Daewar, for almost a year now.

After a couple of run ins with danger and near death, he has found himself running with a pretty reliable crew. This crew has been part of a couple successful missions in which Dae played a role in killing a Hutt and the notorious pirate, Hondo, although the Hutt was out of necessity, and Hondo was an accident.

The Hutt was locking Dae and his crew into a situation where they’d be bound to him for life. Dae used his wit and survival nature to trick the Hutt into letting Dae blow him up. Hondo was posing as Alyra. Dae had located Alyra and discovered she had used her skills in the cantinas to be a spy/resource for the Rebellion. After his first encounter with her, he found himself him surprised that there might be a chance he could win her trust and truly become a member of the Rebellion (which he was warming up to) and assist her in aiding them. She had given him info on where he could locate a fixer to get some weapons to aid in killing the pirate, Hondo. The Hutts had requested that he kill Hondo to repair his relationship with the Hutts. He vid-comm’d with the contact Alyra had given him and it turned out to be Hondo. He had been double crossed. He contacted Alyra pretending to be ignorant to the fact she had set him up. He planned a quick meeting with her. He showed up dressed like a storm trooper (with gear he’d taken off a dead trooper his crew had killed) and saw her sitting alone in the cantina. He approached her and handed her a knife. She didn’t understand why a storm trooper was offering her a weapon and as soon as she took it Dae shot her twice with his blaster. He yelled out “stop” to make the patrons of the cantina believe she tried to attack him with the knife. He told the onlookers that other troopers would be along to clean up the mess soon and he made his exit. He discovered shortly after that Hondo had actually disguised himself as Alyra and Dae had inadvertently killed Hondo. He lost Alyra again.

Most recently he found himself in an ancient Jedi temple with his crew. His personal desire for more power led him to choose incorrectly in a Jedi test of worth that cost him a Jedi clock and lightsaber. He can feel the anger and bitterness clouding his desire to pursue noble things. His attempt to murder Alyra mixed with his rejection by the Jedi temple has pushed him to pursue the power he knows deep down he truly desires.

Darr Cwar

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