A Light Side Paragon Kel Dor


Brawn 1
Agility 2
Intellect 3
Cunning 2
Willpower 4
Presence 2

Wound Threshold 11
Strain Threshold 15
Soak 2

Force Powers:

Bind Basic and Control (target suffers strain equal to my willpower when they attempt an action)

Enhance Basic & Control (force leap: make an enhanced power check. I can spend force points to jump horizontally to any location within short range).

Influence Basic and Control (make a discipline vs discipline check to make the target believe something)

Sense Basic and Control (can see the current thoughts of one living target with whom I’m engaged)

Concealing Robes
14 stimpacks

Morality 71
Strength: Discipline
Weakness: Obstinance

Career: Mystic
Specialization: Seer

Seer Talent Skill Tree:
Grit 2 ranks
uncanny reactions
Keen Eyed
Sense Danger
Force Rating
Sense Advantage


He was the son of the senator from Dorin, Senator Ru. At a very young age, Hovul started to display his sensitivity to the force. His father sent him far away to the planet Lothal to attend the Pretor Flats Academy for the imperial army.

He placed him in the charge of the president of the academy, Kline. Kline is a very intelligent Cerean. Kline and Ru were very close friends.

Kline is also force sensitive. Senator Ru knew this and thought that placing Hovul in Kline’s care on a remote location would give his son the best chance for survival.

Using his authority at the academy, Kline ensured that Hovul was trained in the ways of the force privately. Hovul also received one of the best educations in the ways of the galaxy and the imperial army. Kline also took care of any situations where Hovul was questioned as being force sensitive.

Hovul’s other cadet mates did not appreciate the attention he received from President Kline. They would routinely mock him and try to fight him.

Kline ensured that Hovul was skilled at controlling his emotions for fear of exposing himself as force sensitive.

Hovul advanced through the school and ultimately became a research assistant.

One day Hovul was walking through the complex when he heard some shouting in the distance. He found a group of male cadets converging on a single female cadet. Hovul could sense the complete distress of the female cadet and the evil intentions of the male cadets.

Hovul used the force to convince the males that they needed to get to class. However, Hovul was too powerful with his use of the force. When the males went to class, it was clear that someone had used the force on them. The rest of the staff was preparing an inquisition on the force user causing Hovul to flee the school.

Hovul is now on the run seeking to learn more about the force and bring swift justice to the evil.


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