Viqi Khan

Woman on a mission


Viqi grew up in a hutt slave brothel. It was all she knew.

Her father was someone who had used her mother. When she was about 11, her mother was murdered by a group of men when a session went too far. Viqi then was used to take over her mother’s duties.

That’s when she started cutting herself using her fingernails. The pain brought her relief as a means of escape after she was used.

As she became a teenager, she started to think that she could possibly influence people’s minds. She put this to the test.

One night she wanted to see if she could get the guards to come to her cell to let her out. To her complete shock, the 2 guards opened her cell! She then wanted to see if she could take it a little farther. Could she possibly get their keys and their guns??

As soon as she focused, they immediately handed over their gun and their keys! She grabbed their guns and keys, but before she left, she made sure to slice their throats using her razor sharp fingernails. They each had taken advantage of her too many times.

She used the keys to open all the cells holding all the other women. They made their way to the armory. She used the security guard’s gun she had acquired to kill the two guards at the armory that had used her too many times for her to count.

The women raided the armory and blasted their way out of the building. She made sure to grab the force pike and a blaster carbine.

After escaping, she made her way to an affluent planet where she met a couple. It seemed like a complete random encounter, but for some reason she trusted them.

She later learned that they were mystic advisors. They had compassion on her and sensing she had a strong sensitivity to the force trained her in the way of the advisor and the force.

Having a strong sense of justice and seeking vengeance, she set out to destroy every slave trader that she can find.

Viqi Khan

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