Force and Destiny near the Still Waters

Deadly Visions

The adventurers found themselves in the city of Riar, Toydaria when an old Klatoonian friend, Oberon, showed back up after getting a call from Damon to help the team out as well as help him gain a better grasp of this truly bizarre group he has found himself amongst. After hearing the blast of a pair of thermal detonators from nearby, Oberon was able to quickly pinpoint the group and rejoin them after a long absence.

Right after regrouping, Boone gets a call from an unknown number which he quickly discovers is Irrica the Hutt. After hearing her demands and feeling a little bit confused and out of place, he and the group decide to run back to their ship to grab the shards just in case. Upon arriving to Bog Bay (where they landed their ship to begin with), they are met by the Gorensla Hutt Cartel and a small contingent of their forces awaiting their arrival and safe delivery of their prize, Yeel Dresk. Just as Boone is about to try and reason with Irrica to allow him into his ship, Damon grabs his shoulder and says, “I got this…” Damon quickly realizes that Negotiating with a Hutt is never an easy task, even for a silver forked individual such as himself. They get a strong “NO” and decide to leave.

On their way back, the Force God’s realize what mistake they have made as they thought that the shards were with the Force Sensitive Adventurers all along; so in a moment of panic, they altered time and space and POOF—-the Shards and the napsack are suddenly in the adventurer’s possession safe and sound.

Many and worthy are the deeds and feats taken by the chosen few in this adventure; in fact, there are simply too many to name! The truly memorable moments involved Charming of the truly reprehensible if only to recognize inner beauty! Alas, even then, the beauty inside was not great enough to bring two kindred souls together such as the Toydarian female Bartender and her new found love, Damon… Such is life… The avoidance of truly unfortunate experiences abound; but not for the poor imperial souls who wandered upon a band of experts whilst saving a poor fool who wasted his credits on a craptastic ship. Many of them lost their lives fighting for what they believed in! They fought valiantly, but proved weak in the face of GODMODE PUNCHES from the truly steadfast Pacifistic Executioner and the resolute and obstinate Hillbilly Bumpkin, not to mention the angry horned fiend who had been stuck in a crystal for what felt like an eternity determined to take someone’s head! Even if it was someone whom feared for his life—His eternity! We need not forget the perfectly placed one shots right between two different stormtrooper’s eyes (one immediately after the other) by a drunkard! Last but not least, we shall never forget the use of the force to crush one of the flying opponents with the shards crushing into his jetpack and ultimately causing an explosion mid-air. —The imperial contingent truly never stood a chance…

Fast forward several hours, and the group finds themselves attempting to get back to their ship amidst a seemingly random and unexpected turn of events when more imperials burst through some cargo doors into the hangar of Bog Bay causing confusion and panic among most in the crossfire. Luckily, they managed to handle it well—like a team! Just as the force sensitive opponent came for the shard, Tubal Kain managed to punch her in the face and send her flying across the room. Without skipping a beat (and use of the force), she jumped up and ran away bounding via the force towards her escape ship just as Tubal tried to pursue her. In a moment of frustration, he calls the group on the comms and says, “go on without me”, hangs up, and disappears into the city. The group takes his advice, and blasts into the sky; and with little resistance, managed to make a jump into hyperspace headed straight for Tatooine.



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