The Tython Saga: Episode 1


Barris Offee got an upgrade…she’ll need it…
…and so will you.

Your teaser for episode one is…

“Do or do not…there is no try.”

Stress on stress press in on the minds of our adventurers as they near the Imperial blockade surrounding the capital seat of Coruscant. Dae, Oucae-ruh and Titus aboard the shuttle they had hopped after meeting up with Dae somewhere in the Mid-Rim. After passing the blockade without any problem using the clearances Barris had sent out, the Trio land their ship at a pad in the third tier, but they aren’t alone. Another ship, one run by a notorious smuggler from the far side of the Galaxy. The passengers of that ship disembark, a man and woman, Viqi. Viqi managed to influence and talk her way out of paying for transport to the planet as the smuggler pushed her to pay for the services he had rendered. She did not and in fact, tapping into the dark side of the Force, she even convinced the man to feel a strong sense of guilt for the life he had been living, and he turned from his dark ways in that moment.
The four all made their way onto the street, where the three males went one way and Viqi followed close behind. They witnessed a pair of slavers roughing up and forcing a Twi’lek female down the street. The minimal Stormtrooper presence noticed as well, and they managed to get to the slavers before Oucae, who had been incensed by Dae and was making his way like a bull toward a red cape, toward the slavers. Viqi was also cornered by the troopers. The troopers let her go, only after her info was put into the system. As Oucae drew close, Dae through his atunement with the Force, convinced the troopers to see Oucae as a member of the Royal Guard, and Oucae very strongly recommended that the troopers get lost. They did. Oucae, still incensed and his blood up, approached the Slavers, his Iridonian form apparent to them, he intimidated the slavers to turn and run. As the slavers scrambled from the alleyway, Barris made her way down the alley and approached the group.
“Why is it that every time I see you guys, it’s in an alleyway getting into trouble..?”
After a few smart comments from Dae, the foursome made their way into a cantina, where Barris briefed them on the reason she had contacted them in the first place. ((The Following is straight from Marc’s notes))
Barris lowers her head, “In my time on Kirdo 3 where I met you two (Titus and Dai), I have had a lot of time to meditate and have been watching your progress. The other day, I encountered a Vergence. This is a location where the force concentrates. It is like a whirlpool where the force flows strong. Sometimes it is located within a person. Sometimes it is located within an entire planet. I had a vision which excited and terrified me. Have you heard of Tython? (Vicki and Titus say yes, and we know that Tython is an ancient planet lost to time. Nobody knows where it is. It is home to the original Jedi). Tython is based in the deep core with blackholes and the like. The only routes there are guarded by the imperials. The vision was a dark entity. I do not know who or what it was. I am guessing that Tython is the world for force users. Whoever goes has access to ultimate force power.”

She says, “I know known of you have any love for the empire…but this is in our best interests to find this planet.”

Vicki: “Is there any compensation for this?”

Barris: “Yes. However, this is a long term mission… I have something for you all to begin. Dai and Titus asked me to train you. This will require greater skill than you currently have. What I have is extremely sensitive and should not be shared with anyone else. I would like to put you all through the Jedi trials.”

Dae: “What kind of timeframe are we talking for the trials?”

Barris: “One or two days..?”

Oucae-Ruh resists the idea of any “trials” due to his own rite of passage on his own planet. Dae attempts to guide Barris towards helping him develop without partaking in the trials himself.

The group make their way to a small facility on the outskirts of the main city. They land and exit the vehicle next to a large warehouse looking building. Inside, they find that it simulates the environment that the trials would be held in normally. Viqi attempted to persuade Dai into joining the trial, but fails and then notices Titus’ fanny as attractive. 

The trial is grueling and difficult. 

 First, Titus and Viqi must climb ropes to the top of the cliff face. Viqi slipped a little and landed in Titus’ chest. They make it to the top. Barris and the other two are on a platform observing us. As the pair look down the side of this cliff face, Viqi is scared, but Titus is chill.

As the pair top the cliff, they then see some ropes to swing on over this gulch. Titus attempts it and succeeds swinging over the opening and then flipping at the end as he lets go of the rope. Viqi falls straight on her face. Barris congratulates Titus.

Barris asks them to stand in front of her. She brings two backpacks full of rocks, and instructs the two attempting to pass the trial. This is an endurance test. Titus goes running and jumping over everything but then runs  unintentionally hits a branch in the face. He then jumps up and manages to get through the challenge. Viqi made it too, but had a hard time. 

Titus then steps out of the obstacle course and out of the forested area. Taking two steps forward, the pair trigger a snare and get caught in a net. Titus uses the force to rip open the net and gracefully go down to the ground. Viqi falls into his arms, and she finds herself attracted to him even further. 

The next stage of the trial demands that the pair make a 20 foot jump.. Titus manages to use the force out of frustration and gets across. 

Barris takes note of our use frustration and irritation. She suggests that they be weary of using the darkside, because of how quickly it can take over a person. She takes little notice of Oucae-Ruh as he attempts to goad Titus into anger. Oucae makes remarks about how much Titus is struggling, claiming he would be dead if he had been in the Oucae’s tribes Rite of Passage.

Titus manages to ignore him, as Barris ushers them toward a pair of podium-like structures.. They are now required to do a handstand and levitate a rock at the same time. Viqi attempts the handstand but doesn’t move the boulder. Titus attempts the handstand and falls forward and does a combat roll. He manages to lift the boulder. 

Barris then allows them to attempt it again. Titus manages to handstand on one hand and lift two boulders at once. Viqi is a bit wobbly, but manages it.

The next test is to move one large boulder. Viqi doesn’t move it at all. Titus throws it up into the air and then slams it into the ground really hard. 

Vicki’s demeanor changes to Very angry as Titus has gone from a sexy piece of man to the one who is making her look incredibly foolish.

Barris’ platform floats over to them, and then she steps off. She then says, “We are going to meditate at this point, and I want you to reflect over what you are doing and think about what this can lead to.”

The pair begin meditating as Oucae and Dae attempt to rattle Titus, but they instead get pushed back by Titus, rattling Dae by making Oucae more angry than anything else.

Then, as they are pulled out of their meditation, the pair are tasked with dodging shots from a drone. Titus immediately pulls trees out of the ground and begins spinning them as fast as possible in order to catch all of the shots. Viqi attempts to persuade Titus to help and fails just as she gets hit by a shot. Oucae attempted to overpower Titus’ move power and fails. The drones then stop.

Barris begins telling Viqi that it is better to influence the environment rather than the person.

Barris turns to Titus and says, “Well done."

Barris stands in front of the pair and says, “For the final test, we are going to have a duel of the force between padawans and master. You two against me. I want to see how you handle this conflict. I want you guys to know that everything we are doing is strictly non-lethal. There should be no holding back. Give it your all."

Barris goes to force push Viqi. Viqi influences Barris to focus on Titus. Titus uses a branch to attempt to trip Barris, but it knocks her onto her side rather than knocking her clean onto her back. Barris then turns her attention to Titus and stands and Force pushes Titus and fails. Titus absorbed the blow but doesn’t move. Viqi attempts to influence Barris into having pity on her and fails. Barris feels Viqi attempting to influence her with the darkside.

“Stop!”. Barris shouts.

She seemed disappointed. She states that we would probably still be padawans had we tried this trial with the old Jedi order.

The group walk in on Biz and the other Twilek making out. Oucae seems agitated by it, while the others seem to be more or less oblivious to it.

Their ship comes out of hyperdrive into Dagobah space.As Titus copilots and Oucae Pilots, they avoid the shots being fired on them by the ships in front of them. They manage to pilot over the ship and into the planet atmosphere.Oucae manages to land the ship cleanly on Dagobah. Barris covers the ship in a fog through her manipulation of the Force. She then says that she knows they are looking for some sort of cave. The group attempts to work together to seek this place, but keep failing. Finally, Dae gets a vision with the same feeling he got when he discovered the artifact in Nihilus’s chambers. “I know where it is.”

The group follow Dae through the nasty swamp of Dagobah, and Oucae is the only one who managed the swamp with ease. The rest of us get swamp juice all over them

Four flying creatures emerge about 30 feet above the group. Dae shoots at one with his blaster rifle and hits it in the wing causing it to fall to its death. Vqi uses charm to hide behind Oucae, he is more indifferent to her persuasive ways. Titus takes one of them and slams it into a tree. Oucae backs slowly taking cover by a tree. Barris activates her lightsaber and throws it towards one of the creatures slicing directly through it causing it to follow to the ground. The last creature goes toward Oucae and Viqi and attempts to hit them; but as it gets close, Oucae bears his teeth, staring the creature down, intimidating it, causing it to defecate and then fly up and over his head away from him. Dae laughs and says, “Fish in a barrel” and throws his saber towards Titus. Titus accidentally drops it in the mud but manages to keep it from being lost and then holds it in the ready position. The last creature then flies away.

 A large creature erupts from the swamp right by Titus and strikes fear into Viqii. Oucae immediately lunges towards the creature and does a quick flurry with his now lit lightsaber and in the blur of red his saber caused, the left claw of the Snake Dragon fell into the swampy mess. Dae steps to a clear line of sight and takes a shot at it nailing it in the chest causing smoke to rise up from it’s chest. Viqi, abandoned by Oucae, runs over to Dae and attempts to use the Force to convince him to protect her from the dragon. The dragon then backhands Oucae and sends him flying 6 feet away. Barris activates her lightsaber, runs towards the creature dragging her lightsaber through the muck, causing steam to rise, and takes a swing. The blow crippled the beast and it falls into the swamp, still alive, but barely just.

Titus ignites his saber and casually walks around with the saber in its neck and completely decapitates it. Afterward, Titus checks the creature for Kyber crystal but accidentally touches its junk.

The group travel for about a half mile through continually nasty swamp. Titus secretly heals Oucae a little bit, as the broken ribs he had sustained in combat were hampering him a bit. Then, upon a small hut, the group stumbled upon. All of the sudden, the group all feel a huge weight on their shoulders. Titus, Viqi and barris all begin feeling anger, despair, and darkness crowding in around them, while Oucae and Dae sense only the weight, before they are all whisked away to a planet’s orbit. It is a green planet. The group then zoom in to a planet surface, like free falling, before seeing a temple overgrown with weeds. There are fires lit everywhere. There is a hooded figure kneeling before the statue of an ancient Jedi Master that has been decorated and turned into something else. The figure turns and stands revealing red eyes and a lightsaber ignites. Immediately, the group are overwhlemed with a sense of fear and are whisked back to Dagobah where Barris asks if everyone say what she did.

We all saw the planet of Tython. 

We then hear a voice all around us echoing, “Much darkness, I sense in you.” Titus uses Seek to determine where the voice is coming from. He then realizes it is coming from within. “Difficult your path will be. There is a cave you must go to. Within it, you will each encounter yourselves.”

The group then find the cave and enter, and suddenly find themselves by themselves, facing only darkness until…

Vicki: Ex owner rounds a corner. Then another. They are smiling at her like they intend to do something to her. Vicki then says, “I am not the same little girl that you knew before.” They then ran towards her and disappeared just before they got to her. The voice came back and said, “Strong in the force, you are."

Dae: His dad rounds the corner. He begins telling him how worthless he is and how disappointed he is in him. He says, “You were just a puppet!” and pulls out a blaster and shoots at his dad square in the forehead causing him to disappear. The voice comes back and says, “I sense much conflict within you; but strong in the force, you are."

Oucae: An Iridonian with the same markings walks around the corner with a vibrosword drawn saying, “You’re still weak.” Oucae draws his lightsaber and says, “I’m not the one who allowed myself to be eaten by (Iridonian word for commoner).” And then takes a massive swing for the midsection.
“The anger has not yet overcome you, but if you don’t control it, it will overcome you."

Titus: Another Titus rounds a corner robed in a completely dark garb with a lightsaber, pale face, foreboding, and smiling back in his direction. “This isn’t my fate. This is a false reality.” Then the Titus before me screams out in anger and then fades into nothing. The voice comes back saying, “Strong in the force you are as well. Overcome the dark side you have."

Suddenly the group is outside the cave again, and they begin to discuss what they saw. Dae claims he saw a young woman hitting on him; but Oucae called him out as a liar under his breath.

Barris said, “I have never encountered more fear than this moment, but I am glad that it is over. Why don’t you guys go back to the hut and look for clues.” 

Titus is the first into the hut, and accidentally scraped his head against the roof. Dai found an old data pad with info regarding a trip to Tython as well as Osis.

The group then resolve to head back to the ship. Titus runs right into a huge spiderweb that cuts into his body, but he heals himself instantly. Viqi realizes that this is a Butcher Bug. We then head back to the ship. We find the Twileks doing more than just kissing. Oucae kicks the guy off of the female Twi’lek, glaring at him as he does.

Barris says, “You all did incredible. I will keep my word and pay you all $50,000 individually.”

As the group leave Dagobah, the same Bounty Hunter that fired on them in the first place is waiting for them. Something hit the hull of the ship, but it hasn’t prevented the ship from moving as they push on toward Osis, the next step on their journey to find Tython.

The Tython Saga: Episode 1

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