Episode 4A - Dawn of Destiny


Our journey begins on the planet of Kirdo 3 where three force sensitive adventurers (Darr Cwar, Kelko Charrell, and Titus Octavius) Journey to a settlement separately but are brought together by renowned Jedi master, Barris Offee. She informs them that although it’s forbidden by Jedi law, she has had a daughter and that her daughter has been taken by the Empire. She also informs them that if they are willing to help her rescue her child, she will teach them her ability to hide their presence in the force. The party reluctantly agrees and follow the trail to an imperial base on the outskirts of town.

After a long and dangerous battle with a platoon of storm troopers, in which Titus almost dies, the adventurers make their way up to the landing pad where they not only ascertain that Barris’ daughter has been taken to the Nar Shadda system, but aquire a light freighter. The party then flies back to pick up Barris, only to feel a foreboding tremor in the force right as they take off.

As they journey through hyperspace they are taught the ways of the force by Barris, and each gain the passive ability to hide their presence from force sensitives.

After reaching the Nar Shadda system they learn, through Titus‘s ability to sense living beings through the force, that Barris’s child is on the swampy Hutt home world of Nal Hutta. Upon landing the group journeys to the local cantina where they learn of a local Hutt crime lord who can assist them in locating their captured young Jedi. They also learn that Darr is unusually interested in the whereabouts of an old twilek companion of his, Alyra.. After gaining an audience with the self-proclaimed powerful and all-mighty Hogarth the Hutt (thanks to helping a new friend Chard, they learn of the base location where Barris’s daughter is being held. However after being threatened to an extreme degree, Darr sends a droid they had acquired earlier (loaded with a thermal detonator) to the hutt’s throne where he expertly draws his blaster and fires into the droid’s chassis destroying the hutt and anything within close proximity. The party then make their way to the base where they dispose of the guards inside the front entrance as well as an elite emperors royal guardsman. They then make their way down to the sub-level, accompanied by Barris, where they encounter two challenges that they must overcome in order to open the door to where Barris’s daughter is being held.

The first being a challenge in which the individual must correctly arrange the bold words of the sith code. “Peace is a lie there is only PASSION. Through passion we gain STRENGTH, through strength we gain POWER, through power we gain VICTORY, through victory our chains are broken, the FORCE shall free me.”

The other challenge being overcoming a dark apprentice either through violence or turning him to the light side.

After completing both challenges the party entered the main chamber where they did battle with a sith inquisitor! The group expertly distracted the dark master while Barris landed the killing blow. They then rescued her daughter and retreated back to their ship where they immediately set course for orbit. The reality of what they were getting themselves into only sunk in however when they emerged from the atmosphere to find several star destroyers in pursuit.

Would these adventures continue to work together to uncover why they were hunted so? Would they encounter other lost Jedi able to impart ancient and forbidden knowledge to them?

Only time…and DESTINY, would tell………..

Episode 4A - Dawn of Destiny

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