Episode 4B - Encounter of Destiny

Encounter of Destiny

Dae and Titus would find themselves on the planet of Tattooine seeking out refuge, but having an encounter with what would eventually take them one step closer to discovering a secret so massive that it would forever change the destiny of their lives and those they would come in contact with that day.

After meeting with a Rebel contact and receiving their mission to join with two others and seek out a missing Rebel Ambassador, it was here that their choices would guide them on an unforeseen path.

Upon arriving at Anchorhead Station, the group will eventually have a meeting with Teemo Hutt. Teemo will offer a mission in exchange for the bounty on Dae’s head. The group would reluctantly accept.

A clue would lead them to Alpha-Omega Prison where they would eliminate several Empire forces to gain information from a Bothan Spy who would inform them that the Ambassador had left for the planet Hoth in hopes to decrypt the evidence she had found.

Before leaving Tatooine, the group would be contacted by Teemo; he would clear all bounties and allow departure from his planet for killing Hondo.

In hopes to gain information about Hondo, Dae decides to meet with one of his former Twi’lek contacts. Adorned in Storm Trooper armor he had gained access to earlier and in suspicion that this contact was double crossing him, he framed the Twi’lek for attempted murder and dished out a nasty form of justice. Unbeknownst to Dae, Hondo had disguised himself as this contact in a plan to capture or kill Dae. Hondo had intercepted this information and it was all for naught as Dae had eliminated one of the most vicious Pirates in all of the galaxy. The ramifications for this action still yet to be felt.

The players embarked for the icy planet of Hoth and after an intense battle with Empire forces they crash landed. They would find themselves fighting for their survival against the elements and taking refuge in a Wampa cave. They would soon brutally massacre and skin this Wampa providing warmth to survive on this planet.

Battling an Imperial Scout droid would cause enough noise to alert a Rebel Scout who would lead them to the hidden Rebel base on Hoth. It is here they would gain information that Ambassador Darlan had left for Hoth 6 days before their arrival. They would be given coordinates to this location.

The day they would attempt to embark on these coordinates, they would soon find themselves in a massive battle on Hoth. After being overrun and escaping the base on speeder bikes, the group would attempt to bring an Ion Cannon station back online.

Ouchae would almost sacrifice his life in bringing this station back online. But it was not a sacrifice that Ouchae would probably want to make.

After bringing the station back online, it would fire upon the Destroyers alowing for exit off the planet of Hoth.

The group would land on an unknown planet and discover the Ambassador’s ship. After tracking the Ambassador through the forest, they would discover an ancient Jedi Temple.

Successfully passing the first and second tests would open a secret room. Titus, Dae and Content Not Found: null would pass through the FORCE field without issue, but Ouchae would be unable.

It was in this room that Fit and Titus would successfully answer the riddle of what a Jedi’s main weapon beholds.

Dae would choose unsuccessfully and find himself waking up on the cold stone floor.

Fit and Titus would acquire Jedi Robes and Light Sabers for successfully passing the three tests in his temple.

But this was not the answers they sought and the Jedi Guardian would soon reveal a new room with instructions to pass through.

Episode 4B - Encounter of Destiny

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