Episode 4C – Jewel of Destiny

The crew was dispatched to Rodia withLuke Skywalker after being briefed by Leia and Admiral Akbar. The fleet is currently hiding in the Sujimis sector around an ice planet no one has paid attention to since the Clone Wars. The mission was to open a secret supply line to the Alliance. They must go to the Betu continent to gain an agreement with the Chekkoo clan who are known for manufacturing the best weapons and armaments. To avoid setting off alarms with Luke’s X-WIng or the crew’s freighter, they were loaned the Desert Jewel (arguably with speed that rivals the Millennium Falcon) by the daughter of Fayet Kelen of Kelen Biolabs, Nakari Kelen. The crew couldn’t help noticing how stunning Nakari was. She couldn’t go with them on the mission because she had been tasked with teaching new Rebel recruits as sharpshooters.

Upon entering Rodian space they found two lone TIE fighters firing on a ship of Kupohan manufacture. The crew had to take it to a vote as to whether or not they should engage and risk giving up the ships’ anonymity. They felt that an enemy of the Empire was a friend. They destroyed the TIEs and the banged up ship jumped into hyperspace without a thank you.

On Rodia the crew met up with Laneet Chekkoo, their guide in their tour of the facilities and gear offered by the Chekkoo clan. Upon testing some prototypes they learned that Laneets’ uncle, Huulik, was a Jedi that perished in the Clone Wars. Laneet was under the impression that a highly skilled Jedi named Jinto had once saved her uncles’ life. Because Fit was also a Nautalon and also a supporter of the Jedi order, she asked if he would accompany her to her uncles’ final resting place to pay honor to him. Fit and the rest of the crew paid their respects and because of that Laneet felt compelled to open a hidden compartment in his gravesite and gave Fit Huuliks’ light saber.

When they returned back to the Chekkoo hangar Laneet got word that the Empire was about to impose a blockade to search for a ship matching the Desert Jewels’ description. The crew took the full Chekkoo catalog and agreement back to Akbar.

Akbar and Leia were ecstatic to finally have a supply line but now still had the misfortune of being without the resources to begin to receive shipments. The biggest concern here was that the Kupohan ship they saved divulged new information concerning a Givin slicer named Drusil Bephorin who is gifted beyond the best droids at cryptography. She is being forced to do the Empires’ work but got word out to the Alliance that she would do work for them if they could get her family to Omereth safely and help her escape and deliver her there to reunite with them. Unfortunately, the Desert Jewel is the only ship the Alliance has access to at this time but the defensive upgrades it needs to enter and exit the dangerous space lanes to Denon (where Drusil is being held) are too costly.

Nakari offers to help gather the money by doing a side job for her father. He lost a scouting crew on the most profitable biowarfare find in decades. He needs someone to do a recovery mission to find his crew and ensure that Kelen Biolabs will be the first to lock down the new lucrative discovery. With not many other options, they took the job and Nakari joined them much to the excitement of this all male crew.

The brief they received included information on the location of this find. It was a moon called Fex that appeared to have invisible creatures that would attack anyone ignorant enough to walk under their trees. They would attack by leaping on their preys’ heads and drilling through their skulls and sucking out their brains, hence their name: Fexian Skullborers.

With reinforced armor helmets and stun batons, the team were able to locate the scout teams’ ship and board it. They discovered the scout crew had captured eight live Skullborers and prepped the ship to return to Kelen Biolabs. Before they could take off 4 of the creatures escaped inside the ship and killed 3 of the 4 crew.

Luke and his band of force sensitives eliminated the four escaped skullborers and save the last living member of the crew. Fayet Kelen paid them handsomely and they were able to upgrade their ship. During their flight off of Fex, Fit took a moment to share all that he had learned of the force with the rest of the crew. Oucae found himself actually engaged in serious focus on the force and achieved a strong “Move” force skill check gaining the skill tree “Move.”

Luke seemed to be making the most progress with Nakari as far as chemistry was concerned, despite Cad being the only person to see what she had going on under her clothes.

After gaining new upgrades on the Desert Jewel they headed to Denon to retrieve Drusil. They met up with their Kupohan contact, Sakhet, after ordering noodles with Rancor sauce.

Sakhet gave the team tons of information on Drusils’ security patterns and helped them plan her escape. ( Sakhet was so helpful because of her gratefulness to the team for saving her son in the previous TIE fighter attack. Her son was on the ship being attacked. She also gave them a datapad that had Kupohan smuggler routes listed for their future use.) Maxon knew the plan wouldn’t work without convincing Drusil to make a break for it the next morning into the sewers. He was able to win Sakhet over and she gave him information about Kupohan safehavens as a “thank you” for saving her son when his ship was attacked by TIE fighters a few weeks earlier. He also snuck into Drusils’ hotel room without alerting her security and won her over with an epic mathematical equation. She agreed to make a run for it. He accidentally hit her with some epic “charm” as well and if he would have been able to finish her basic math equation (2,659,004×2) he may have gotten even more out of her.

During the escape in the sewers Pon lost the use of his mechanical arm when it was bit by a lizard like creature. Nakari and Maxon sniped a couple enemies during the escape, while Pon Titus Oucae and Cad Breen dispatched the rest. Drusil was knocked unconscious during the escape.

The group made it off the planet and into hyperspace. An Interdictor pulled them out of hyperspace. They were able to survive long enough to disable the gravity wells on the ship and jump back into hyperspace.

While out in space this time the entire crew took time to meditate and recover from the stress. Maxon and Titus were so in tune with the force that Maxon learned “Seek” and Titus improved in “Seek.”

As the team came into Omereth space they were greeted by a slew of Bounty Hunter ships. The ships opened up on the Jewel and caused them to flee to the surface of Omereth. They crashed near Bren Derlins’ corvette (which was stranded on the surface) and he was able to take out a few of the BH ships. The team was able to escape the water crashed Jewel, but swam to the shore safely. Unfortunately one Bounty Hunter was able to make it to the surface. Nakari and Maxon went to high ground to snipe as the rest of the crew ran to Major Derlin’s ship as bate. Nakari shot the BH in his blaster pistol arm (shot it off) stopping him from firing on the group again. In a last desperation shot from the grenade launcher in his other arm he fired a pot-shot off in the direction of the sniper. Luke and Titus both tried to force push the grenade to force it miss the snipers but were unable to make a difference. Cad pulled off what may be the best blaster pistol shot in the history of the galaxy. He fired at the flying grenade and actually interrupted it’s path so closely that he changed the trajectory of the grenade causing it to land on Nakari and kill her. Maxon recovered her body and delivered it to Major Derlins’ ship with the rest of the crew. Drusil was reunited with her family and the team had accomplished their goal but lost the Jewel of destiny… Nakari Kelen.

Episode 4C – Jewel of Destiny

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