The Tython Saga: Episode 2


A gift from Barris

The Spartan

Interior and Exterior




Episode 2 Tython Saga

Oucae receives communication from Barris letting the group know that a specific chart we need to get to Ossus due to dangerous asteroid fields. She has found it for them and it is with a contact of hers –Dinn- on planet Naboo.

Oucae uses external censors to find object emitting radio signal on the hull, temporarily short circuits.

Dae and Kelko talk about being friends. Dae catches Kelko on what’s going on/ been going on.

Oucae blows off Kelko, ignoring him and leaves the group in the communal area of the Spartan.

Dae and Viqi talk about dropping out of Hyperspace to get rid of the tracker on the hull. And upon further searching of the ship, find an exo-suit to go out and get it. In a move of pure self-preservation, Viqi tries to convince Dae to do it and succeeds. Dae convinces Oucae to go instead. Kelko talks smack to Oucae on the way out, and Oucae back agitated and moves his hand, like he is going to pull his saber to himself. Viqi attempts to INFLUENCE Kelko into feeling bad and apologizing, to save a fight breaking out and fails. Oucae pulls the saber hilt to his hand, staring down Kelko.

Oucae is unable to find the beacon after 15 minutes of searching. Viqi and Kelko talk about Dae, while Dae is with Biz. Another ship drops out of hyperspace, Dae tells Biz to pilot until Oucae gets in.

Oucae gets his head rattled in the air lock. Viqi goes to the cockpit to try and see the ship.

Oucae takes control of the ship after Viqi leaves, Oucae dodges the tow cable from the Bounty Hunter, and Oucae and Dae obliterate the ship. Kelko once again talks mad shit to OUCAE.

Dae pulls Kelko aside to convince him to play nice with the Iridonian and Viqi also jumps in to convince Kelko to play nice. Dae succeeds, telling Kelko a half truth of Oucae’s story. Warns him about the Iridonian vs. Zabrak thing. As Dae leaves the area with Bizforek, he pops Biz in the back of the head.

Whole crew takes an easy fear check. Oucae, Dae, Viqi Kelko all pass. We land, after OUCAE bodges the comm. With the port authority. They land, thanks to Viqi, and after Kelko is forced into bankruptcy and Oucae pays for the rest.

Viqi almost mentions lightsaber in public, but OUCAE saves the day again. Viqi talks to civi’s to ask about Dinns shop and where to get stuff. Oucae slips away into the crowd. Dae kind of thinks he knows where Oucae went, but he isn’t quite sure.

4 troopers are approaching the Kelko, Viqi and Dae. Dae sends communications to OUCAE, Oucae responds he saw them, but isn’t going to step in yet. Kelko gets into a shoving match with one of the troopers.

Dae steps in between Kelko and trooper and mentions crowd around them and that they should use words. Dae and trooper discuss Kelko’s behavior and Dae says that Kelko is a slave they intend to trade. Viqi steps into to sooth KelkOucaeo’s angsty soul and she succeeds. Troopers are standing by laughing.

Kelko confronts Dae about selling him.

They make their way to Dinn’s shop. Dinn takes them inside after Viqi once again, gets too loud about forbidden things. Dinn suggests that they buy something else from him. Dae negotiates the price 40,000 cred, Dinn counters with 42,000. Dinn kicks Viqi out after Biz pays for the item, called The Tear.

Dinn takes Dae, Kelko, and Biz into his office in the back. Its an ambush Blaise Zirkonn, an ISB agent wants a word with them. Dae and Kelko duck into the office, and Kelko tosses a stun grenade back into the room with the ISB agents. ISB agents are out cold from the concussion. Zirkonn shrieks but is still standing and runs in the room with the heroes. Dae pulls his stun pistol and missed. Dinn pulls his own blaster and levels it off at Dae and misses taking cover behind his desk. Viqi enters the building and begins to close on the combat. Kelko draws his vibroknife and splits Dinn’s head open, partially intimidating everyone in the room. Zirkonn force throws Dinn’s body through a window, and follows after him. Another door opens and three more ISB agents run into the room, firing wildly and missing everyone. Dae turns and fires on the ISB agents with his stun pistol. One ISB agent takes the brunt of the blast, vomiting on himself and pissing everywhere like a drunk toddler. The body of the ISB agent slams into a control panel, closing the secret room again. Viqi picks up a blaster rifle and moves to the open door of the office. Kelko fires on the second trooper, and shoots him through the throat. The third trooper can’t handle himself, and misses his shot. Dae has Biz take a shot and he misses, so Dae shoots and kills the other guy.

Dae comms Oucae and tells him to get ready to leave. The tri in the office begin pillaging the office. They get the door open and find the Tear Drop. The scour the room and find the star chart they need. Oucae is at the ship prepping it for take-off. Kelko uses the Force to cloak himself and Dae to keep their force signature hidden. They all are being stealthy to get back to the ship. Viqi tried use the Force to convince Dae to protect her, but Dae is all, Nah son. He instead, projects the image of himself throwing Viqi into the attackers to make her not trust him. As they are trying to being sneaky, Kelko drops his pistol and everyone watches him pick it up. Group starts to run for it. Everyone makes it, and we bug out real quick.

As the group takes off, with the help if Viqi, Oucae plots a course with the new star chart for Ossus and they take off. Oucae and Biz get into, but Biz backs down. Kelko calls Oucae a Zabrak as he was going to meditate. A furious scuffle breaks out, with Kelko using a pulse rifle and injuring Oucae. Dae and Viqi intercede multiple times before finally subduing both fighters. Oucae is till not happy, and spits on the offered hand of Kelko before retreating to the cockpit to heal himself. Both Oucae and Kelko heal themselves.

Dae goes to Oucae and they plot the course to the cliff face on Ossus. They land and everyone disembarks and climbs the step and enter the library. But they fall into an ante chamber that Oucae opened the doors to with the force. Kelko ran in and bit it and everyone else entered fine. Oucae began walking down the bigger chamber, and hears stone on stone grinding. Dae fires a stun shot and illuminates the chamber, showing an older alter and two huge statues.

The statues attack! Oucae runs to the base of one, and gets smacked in the back of the head. Viqi convinces Kelko, who dropped back to long range, to protect her. Oucae takes a swing at the leg of the second Gollum and misses, as Dae illuminates the room by shooting a torch on the wall. Viqi drops back to be beside Kelko. Kelko marks the target, making it easier for others to hit at long range. Kelko takes a shot at the golem closest to Biz and Dae and staggers it. The staggered golem takes a swing at Dae, who takes a hand to the chest, and was staggered. Dae then deceived the golems into forgetting he was there. The second golem swung at Oucae, and missed entirely. Kelko leveled off for a second shot and hits the 1st golem in the nuts, crumpling it. Oucae uses his force ability and cuts its head clean in two. The second golem stands from its knees and closes on Oucae. Dae levels his blaster at the advancing golem and obliterates its head.

After combat, and the foursome notice Biz standing by the throne at the end of the room, and a passage opens at the end of the room. From the passage, a force of relief surges into the room, like it was trapped for millennia and is now free. The group takes off running after Biz, who bolted into the passage. The passage ends in a chamber with a bunch of tapestries. Kelko, Viqi and Dae solve the riddle. Biz attacks Oucae when they enter the room with him. Dae betrays everyone and runs, abandoning the holocron and all of his companions and his on in the crumbling temple. Dae ran away, barely escaping as Oucae chased him. Kelko finished off Viqi, not seeing her as worth saving after her critical injury. He also recovered the Holocron, the star chart to Tython and a lightsaber and ancient sith gauntlet. Oucae left Ossus on a ship he had purchased on Naboo, while Kelko now has the Spartan.

The Tython Saga: Episode 2

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